Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Easter Pt 2

After we left my step-family's, we headed down to my Mom's. 
My mom always cooks a ton of food for only the three of us so it's been fun widening our little family to include Boyfriend. And this year she invited one of her friends and the friend's two daughters. 
 Dinner was really good, like usual. 
I'm not normally a ham fan but I actually went back for a second small piece. 
My sister was holding one Bambino and B held the other during dinner. 
My sister's plate was stared at and drooled over the whole time she was eating - it was pretty cute.

Ont hing I've learned over the last two weekends is that the Bambinos are not as portable as they used to be. When they're not at home to take a proper nap, they seem to get overly cranky whereas before they could sleep wherever and it didn't matter if their naps were interrupted by getting in and out of the car.
By the end of the night, Ethan was super cranky. 
He finally fell asleep so only Eli was awake and got to enjoy his Easter basket from my mom.
It was as big as he was.
We opened Ethan's anyway.
Overall, it was nice to spend the time with family, but I realize how exhausting it is to make time to see everyone - we didn't even see B's family. 
In a way, I kind of want to spend Mother's Day with my small little family, 
but I know that won't happen, 
we're both people pleasers so we'll make the time to see all our family.
Eventually, I think I'll put my foot down and spend the day how I want to.
But not today.


  1. Hahahaha...that basket WAS bigger than lil man. And those stuffed animals are too sweet. And I vote to take a break on Mother's Day. Trust. I know. It's okay now..you have your lil ole fam and I know {I think) eveyone will understand.

  2. UGH. I know exactly what you mean, Yes, it's nice to get to see family, but it's kind of a pain too, spending the whole day hopping from family to family. And I too am a horrible people pleaser and feel like I need to squeeze everyone in, when in reality I'd much rather stay home and just enjoy my little family. So yes, I feel ya.
    Great pics, too!!

  3. Yeah, I think the first one I'll let everyone see them because the familes wants to spend their first holidays with them, but next year...I'll get my way.

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