Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Becoming A Mom Has Made Me Weird

After the Bambinos were born, I felt really weird about their pictures and names being all over the internet. Specifically, what did it for me was when I found out my family members were taking the Bambinos' pictures from my facebook and putting them on their own facebook pages, along with the  Bambinos' names. I mean, I have no control over where everything ends up. It would be easy for someone to try and steal either of the twins names and we probably wouldn't find out until the turned 18 and tried to get some kind of credit. The internet is just so....public. Irrational fear? Maybe. But I'm a new mom, cut me some slack.

But now I feel my blog has gotten boring. I'm not one to put it all out there but to hide such a big, important part of my life has really made it difficult for me to come up with anything to write.

So, I'm going to try and take baby steps. I'm going to try and become okay with my children being public. I'm keeping my other blog because that's more of our day to day, but I'm going to try and write about the Bambinos on here every once in awhile. I'm going to try and be okay with it.


  1. I hope so! I want to read more about your bambinos. And oh my gosh, what precious little bambinos they are!!! Love their little bearsuites!

  2. they are SO cute!!!!
    i know i have access to your other blog because you sent me the invite and i signed up but for some reason it's not in my google reader :(
    so i'm glad i can at least keep up on this site :)

  3. Oh my gosh, they are SO SO cute!! It is scary sometimes to think about all the information that we put out on the internet.

  4. i must be really slow...i know you invited me to view your other blog but i cant figure out how HAHAHA. lonikent@gmail.com was my email

  5. It is a scary and unknown world...you are right for being so cautious. But, I sure do love seeing those sweet faces!!!


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