Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Her Sweet Red Lips On These Lips of Mine Burned Like The Ruby Fire Set

 Inspired by may favorite Meli Faif, I decided to do a red lip yesterday.

I used to do it all the time in high school, but I kind of remembered why I don't do it as much anymore. 

1) I worried all day that I had lipstick on my teeth

2) I was kind of self conscious that people were only staring at my mouth all day

3) Eventually it fades and I look like someone who should be doing the walk of shame after a frat party.
I did line it and then add gloss, but it still faded eventually, especially because I drink a lot of tea/water.

4) I'm a lot more pale than I was even this time last year so the red wasn't quite right.

Do you do red?


  1. love the red! MAC's Russian Red is my favorite :) it looks amazing on almost everyone.

    gorgeous choice!


  2. Pretty! And no... I would look like a 7yr old playing in mommys make-up

  3. red lips look TERRIBLE on me. you rock them well! I love it!

  4. It's funny that you just posted this because lately I have been SO into red lips! I NEVER do lipstick but now I'm into lip stain and a little gloss or something over.

  5. You killed it pretty lady!!! It looks so good. You, my friend, definitely picked the perfect shade!!!! You wear it better than me. And you reminded me of my fails over the weekend. It is hard to keep on. Oh is fun! Have a happy easter with your sweet bunny feets.

  6. I don't do red! Or, red doesn't do me. One of the two!

  7. Whaaaaat?! You look amazing! I have really small lips and never felt like I could pull off a really bright red lipstick, but maybe I'll have to attempt it again!

  8. You look beautiful in red lipstick! I always love it on other people but never really wear it myself because: a) I'm blonde/light skinned/light eyed and it's harder to pull off, and b) I wear a good bit of eye makeup and kinda think you have to pick between strong eye makeup and strong lipstick. But you're inspiring me to try cause you look hot!

  9. ok let me just tell you that that picture of you with red lips is great!! Beautiful.

    with that said, I HATE RED LIPSTICK! Totally my personal opinion, and maybe I hate it so much because I think it looks good on other girls and horrible on me. oh well :)

  10. Thanks Ladies! I don't know how often I'll do red but it was kind of fun for the morning.

    Claire, I usually wear quite a bit of eye makeup too, you definitely need to tone it down so they're not competing. I had to put my lip gloss on first to make sure I didn't look like some crazed hooker.


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