Friday, April 29, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Letter Edition

How cute are these! 
I totally thought of Krystal when I first saw them. 
You write your own message on the cup and then bake it so it's permanent!
Love this self-inking stamper!

I never really wrote hand written notes anymore.
Until I got pregnant.
I feel like I'm constantly writing thank you cards.
I'm actually behind on them
I would love to own this stamper so I don't have to write my return address over and over
and over.
the stamps are interchangeable so I could get one that has only my last name if the mail's from me,
or I could have a hyphenated one if it's from Boyfriend and me.
No more stupid hand cramps.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Little Ring Bling

I've always wanted a garnet ring.
Because it's my birthstone.

But now I'm dying for one. Okay, not dying for one but Boyfriend, the Bambinos and I were all born in January and my family is the most important thing I've ever "done" so I want to carry a piece of my family with me wherever I go. 

If money were no object....



 I think I like the second to last one best. It's darker and an actual garnet rater than lab created.

And no, this isn't a hint to Boyfriend for Mother's Day, he doesn't read my blog. Not anymore anyway....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So What Wednesday

It's So What Wednesday
Link to Life After I Dew if you'd like to participate too!

So What if I've had a blog post about being a mom planned for over a month but still haven't written it.

So What if I put things on my to do list immediately after I finish it just so I'll have more to cross off.

 So What if I only took the nail polish off only one of my feet last night. It has a glitter top coat and I got tired of messing with it. I'll deal with it later today.

So What if last night I put the bambinos in their stroller instead of waiting for a car to pull in the spot. It was cold and I already waited for a car to pull out of the spot.

So What if I listened to the guy who wanted the spot talk shit about me to his wife and still didn't feel bad. He got to park maybe three spots down  - plus, you're like, 50! Grow up.

So What if I have more so whats but think I might save them for next week.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Easter Pt 2

After we left my step-family's, we headed down to my Mom's. 
My mom always cooks a ton of food for only the three of us so it's been fun widening our little family to include Boyfriend. And this year she invited one of her friends and the friend's two daughters. 
 Dinner was really good, like usual. 
I'm not normally a ham fan but I actually went back for a second small piece. 
My sister was holding one Bambino and B held the other during dinner. 
My sister's plate was stared at and drooled over the whole time she was eating - it was pretty cute.

Ont hing I've learned over the last two weekends is that the Bambinos are not as portable as they used to be. When they're not at home to take a proper nap, they seem to get overly cranky whereas before they could sleep wherever and it didn't matter if their naps were interrupted by getting in and out of the car.
By the end of the night, Ethan was super cranky. 
He finally fell asleep so only Eli was awake and got to enjoy his Easter basket from my mom.
It was as big as he was.
We opened Ethan's anyway.
Overall, it was nice to spend the time with family, but I realize how exhausting it is to make time to see everyone - we didn't even see B's family. 
In a way, I kind of want to spend Mother's Day with my small little family, 
but I know that won't happen, 
we're both people pleasers so we'll make the time to see all our family.
Eventually, I think I'll put my foot down and spend the day how I want to.
But not today.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: First Easter

Hi Peeps! How was your Easter? Mine was okay.....
We started off Saturday doing family pictures. This is the best one we came up with:
I don't love it, or the place we went to, but I get into detail about it on my other blog.

Sunday the Bambinos got their first visit from the Easter bunny!

Then we decided to join my dad and step-mom up at her family's so we drove all the way up to Lake Stevens. It was good seeing everybody since I hadn't seen some of them in years and most of them had not seen the Bambinos yet.
My step sister's kids are almost teenagers so she goes gaga for babies. She just loved playing with them

 It was good seeing everybody but thank goodness my step-sister's family was there! Usually the older adults sit around and watch golf (boring!) and my step sister and her husband are only two years older than Boyfriend so we had some people closer to our age to entertain us.

After we left my step-grandma and grandpa's, we drove down to my mom's, but I'll get into that tomorrow.
How was your Easter? Do you have any special traditions you celebrate?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And Her Sweet Red Lips On These Lips of Mine Burned Like The Ruby Fire Set

 Inspired by may favorite Meli Faif, I decided to do a red lip yesterday.

I used to do it all the time in high school, but I kind of remembered why I don't do it as much anymore. 

1) I worried all day that I had lipstick on my teeth

2) I was kind of self conscious that people were only staring at my mouth all day

3) Eventually it fades and I look like someone who should be doing the walk of shame after a frat party.
I did line it and then add gloss, but it still faded eventually, especially because I drink a lot of tea/water.

4) I'm a lot more pale than I was even this time last year so the red wasn't quite right.

Do you do red?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So What Wednesday

After seeing this everywhere, I decided to participate. 

It's So What Wednesday
Link to Life After I Dew if you'd like to participate too!

So what if I started thinking about what I'd write for So What Wednesday last week

So What if I went to Target last week to pick up baby wipes and ended up picking up a shirt. I picked up what I needed for my kids and just happened to add a shirt to my cart.
So What if I have an irrational fear about the bathroom at work. I'm afraid that if I walk in and it smells like poo, whoever walks in after me will think I did it.

So What if I have a love hate relationship with my job. I love it but hate that if I have to leave my Bambinos.

So what if I talk about my Bambinos a lot. It's my blog, I do what I want :)

So what if I still get teased for being hood. I went to a ghetto high school and know all the gangsta songs, but I'm not "Bonquisha gonna kick yo' ass" ghetto.
So what if I'm slightly jealous of all the bloggers who post about their nice weather.Seattle has had an unusually large amount of rain this spring. We're known for our rain, but not this much.

So what if I don't plan on wearing a bathsuit at all this summer. Not one time. I have baby weight to get rid of still. Plus, summer is super busy for the radio industry so I barely have free time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Nails Edition

Well, there goes my hope of posting five days a week from now on. Yesterday morning was kind of crazy and it was crazy at work so I never got to take a break which is when I might do a quick post. Oh well, I know how busy being in radio gets.

Recently, I got this topcoat at Sephora. It looks really funny in the picture but it's a fun, clear coat with copper-colored sparkles. I'm wearing it two different ways: on top of  a tan-ish Opi color on my toes and on top of a clear base coat on my nails. I kind of like it without a color underneath.

Have you seen this? It's Katy Perry's shatter topcoat. It's always kind of fun to do something different on my nails when we're working concerts or something so I might try this.
Our logo is bright green with black too, so this color combo would be fun. I need to find a place that actually carries it and has it in stock.

If you're like me, you're completely inept at painting your nails. I end up with polish all over my hand, so these nail strips from Sally Hansen might be nice to try. They're real polish strips and I guess they're super easy to apply.
They have all kinds of colors and prints - even a denim-looking one called skinny jean.
They have a lot more than these even. I haven't tried them but the reviews said they're super easy to apply, and really do last 10 days like they're supposed to - without chipping- but the glitter ones are hard to remove with nail polish remover, just like normal glitter nail polish.

Have you tried any of these items? How do you like them? What are your favorite nail items?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Can Bake, Not Cook

Yesterday I made banana bread from a mix.

Don't judge.

Having only made banana bread once before  (that time from scratch) I only have that to compare it to, but the mix is pretty good. The only thing is, it's not quite as soft but I might have overcooked it.

I'm used to my step-mom's made from scratch so I think I'll stick with her recipe although the mix will do in a pinch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kitchen Fail

I already feel like the odd lady at work. 
You know what I'm talking about, every office has someone who's just a bit odd or does weird things.
Anyway, I feel weird because twice a day I pump in my boss's old office that is now vacant .
I share an office 
- with a boy- 
so I can't pump in my own.

After I'm done, I go into our kitchen to wash the pump parts out. I know some people are kind of weirded out by me washing something out in the open that touched my boobs so I try and be discreet.

Yesterday, I went into the kitchen to wash my parts like usual.
I saw a sign that said "Do not use the dishwasher."
Ok, cool.

So I go about doing my thing, I turn around to leave and there's water everywhere.
And I mean everywhere.

I go to the receptionist and ask if there's a mop I can use to clean up the water.
She tells me the custodian just left so I need to use paper towels to clean it up.
I don't think she realized how much water there was because when I was 3/4 of the way putting papertowels on the floor, she comes in and says, "Oh my! I'll call the custodian and tell them to bring a mop."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Current Obsession: Disney Movies

Remember when I said becoming a mom has made me weird? You should, it was just last week. Anyway, I seem to have become obsessed with making sure we have all my favorite (and not so favorite) Disney movies. I actually joined the Disney DVD club, which is what started my obsession, because I got 7 or 8 movies for $17.99. (If you want an invite to the club, let me know, you can get a few movies for only $1.99 each, but that's not the reason for this post.)

Since joining the club, we have now become the proud owners of Toy Story 1 & 2, Brother Bear, Snow White, Oliver and Company, Hercules, Pinocchio, Up, Monsters Inc., and Tangled in addition to all the other Disney movies we already own. I also plan on adding Mary Poppins and some others to our collection.

Why am I doing this? No idea. It's not like the Bambinos know or even care. It's not like we're cooler parents just because we own a bunch of Disney movies. It's not like the movies that brought me joy when I was little will make them happy too, they'll probably be unimpressive by the time we start letting them watch TV. But I can't stop won't stop. I just keep adding to the collection.

What's your favorite Disney movie? What ones do you think I should add to our collection?


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