Friday, March 25, 2011

The Way You Rockin' Them Blue Jeans Baby

Today I'm venturing out to get a pair of regular jeans. Since I return to work on Monday (which I'm still not ready for) I decided I want one pair of jeans to help me feel decent in my clothes. I'll still rock my maternity skinny jeans, but my other pair is too short to wear with heels.

I'm absolutely in love with wide, straight leg jeans. I pretty much always have been so I was thrilled to hear they're coming back. Here's some pairs I'm considering:
7 For All Mankind

Joes Jeans Wide Leg Trouser
Hudson Wide Leg Trouser
 I love these white ones. I know they're not as practical as blue jeans, but I think they'd look cute with a pair of my white wedges and the gray shirt I got at Target last week.

I'm actually terrified of going today. I haven't lost all my baby weight so I know I'll be a few sizes bigger than normal but I'm not sure how big. I'm afraid Nordstrom won't have anything in my size. I guess I won't know until I try though, right?


  1. I love them if I could just loose about 15 pounds!!!

  2. Doesn't baby weight stink?! My stomach is looking okay but my legs are not.

  3. I am just loving the classy look too!!! Have you tried Vigoss from Nordys?

  4. I absolutely love the second pair!!!!

    I, myself, would never wear white pants. But you'd look awesome in them!!!!

    I haven't been pregnant for over five years and I wish I could still wear maternity jeans.. so much more comfortable than regular jeans!

  5. I love all jeans. Though I am a tad chubby in the mid and leg section of the body. The jeans are cute though. I like the white ones because they remind me of sailing. ;)

  6. I LOVE wide leg jeans because it is the only kind that I can seem to wear!Why? I have WIDE LEGS! LOL...I don't care if they do go out to style...I will have to keep wearing them!

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