Thursday, March 17, 2011

Target Shopping Spree: Work Clothes

I go back to work on the 28th :( I'm not quite ready but I guess it's necessary. My stomach is shrinking at a decent pace but since my mondo boobs won't fit into anything, I need to get some clothes before I go back. I didn't expect much from Target (not sure why, I love that store) but I got some decent stuff:
 I think I like this. Luckily my work is casual (gotta love radio!) but I was thinking this would be a good weekend shirt too.
 This one I'm not sure about either. I like it, but I have broad shoulders so it kind of looks like wings on me. I might see if my step-mom can add a stitch or two to make the shoulders lay differently. I really like the bottom detail and think it would be cute with a  pair of wide leg jeans and heels.

 Again, super casual but I like that I can wear it with wide leg jeans or white, wide leg pants.
The one I got was long sleeved and slightly different, but I couldn't find it online for some reason

And lastly, this dress
It's a decent LBD that I can wear  to work or to any events we have going on this summer. I like that it totally hides my bra straps.


  1. Well, welcome to the MONDO boob club. Ha. Like that word...MONDO! When I was preggers...whoo...mine got like UBER MONDO! RIDIC MONDO! CUT THESE OFF MONDO!!!! And I am digging your choices for fashion. All versatile, which I am a huge fan of. I will definitely try to put something in the mail for you prior to doom's day....the 28th! So...where are the babes going?!

  2. I don't know why I did not think of these clever nick names before...but you could always take the babes to work....and leave em on the 1's and 2's...ha!!!! Um, wow. Okay. Why did I just leave this comment?!?!

  3. Cute stuff....I need to do some shopping....but I am trying to hold off until I lose ALL of my baby weight....just trying to motivate myself :)

  4. Melifaif, luckily, my sister is taking online classes so she can stay here and nanny them. I feel better leaving them with someone I know really well, but I'm still not ready. I WISH I could take them to work. In the past, people did, but I don't think I can. Plus, I share an office with someone so their playpen would be in the common area right outside m door. Probably not the most ideal place. They DO have onesies that read "Little DJ" so your nicknames are pretty clever. :)

    Annie, that was my plan too except my boobs barely fit in anything, and now that I'm not huge my maternity shirts fit me funny. I'm still wearing my maternity pants but I think I will go get one new pair just so I feel somewhat cute.


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