Thursday, March 24, 2011

Springy Cakes

It's no secret that I bake waaaaay better than I cook. I don't have the patience for cooking: I stir too much, put things on the wrong heat (a higher heat helps it cook quicker, right?) keeping an eye on my food is boring. I like being able to mix a few ingredients, plop it in the oven, check on it one or twice and not worry about it again until the timer goes off.

Since all of us our January babies, we won;t be having any spring birthdays soon, but I dream of maybe making one of these cakes for some kind of party we might have this spring/summer.

I'd totally make this for Boyfriend's birthday since he loves golf, but then it would be my cake too since we have the same birthday.

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  1. Oh these are some cute cakes!
    That is pretty cool you and your boyfriend have the same Birthday!
    Thanks for coming by my blog, stop on over any time :)
    gi gi

  2. Love it and we stole some stuff...sorry lol


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