Friday, March 4, 2011

Look Ma, I Made Cake Pops!

I randomly decided to make cake pops on Monday. After picking up a few ingredients, I gave it a go. The only problem was, Eli got really fussy and none of the regular calming tricks worked so I made the cake like this:

I made the cake balls and let them sit overnight. 

Yesterday brought the fun part. There was only one problem - I'm completely undomestic. My chocolate ended up a thick, fudgy mess.
I was worried I burned it so after a trip to the craft and grocery stores, I came back home and brought my chocolate from the mess above to this
It was still way lumpier than I would have liked but much better. Eventually, I ended up with

Cake Balls!


  1. I've only tried cake balls once and they were a MESS!! I'm sure I made it more difficult than it needed to be!!

  2. It was definitely harder than I expected but I'm determined to make some amazing ones!

  3. Great job those look yummy!

  4. By the way love the sign on the wall in the kitchen! LOL!

  5. YUMMY!!!
    first twins, then accomplishing cake you'll be taking over the world ;)
    cute pic of you girly! you look great hun :)

  6. Looks good!! I have never tried to make them..but I have a feeling yours look WAY better than mine would!!

  7. They look amazing!!!!!!! I've never made them... There is a pretty good chance I'll try them out though!!!

  8. They look just fine (and yummy) to me...and I'm loving the sign behind you in the kitchen!

  9. The cake pops look yummo!!!! And you??? Fantastico...seriously! I know I did not look that good so soon after....keep it up momma.


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