Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EMOMS Twin Facts

Last night, Boyfriend, the Bambinos and I went to our first EMOMS meeting. EMOMS is a club in our area specifically for moms of multiples. It was kind of cool knowing that every woman there has at least twins and sometimes higher order multiples. In the spirit of EMOMS, I decided to share interesting twin facts:
  • States with the highest multiple birth rates are Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.
    • The State with the lowest rate is New Mexico.
  • Superfetation is when a woman is already pregnant but continues to ovulate. Sometimes this can result in twins conceived at different times
  • Fraternal twins are the result of hyperovulation (when a woman drops two eggs) Superfecundation describes a situation where the eggs are fertilized by sperm from separate incidences of sexual intercourse. In a case where a woman has sex with different partners, the twins could have different father!
  • The first successful separation of conjoined twins happened in 1689!
  • A peasant named Kirilow was presented to the empress of Russia in 1853 for the following reason. He had been married twice. His first wife bore fifty seven children, including four sets of quadruplets, seven sets of triplets, and two sets of twins. His second wife gave birth to fifteen children-six sets of twins and one set of triplets. At the time of his presentation to the empress, all seventy two of Kirilow's children were still alive.
  • Mrs. Mary Jonas (d. 1899) had 15 sets of boy/girl twins
  • A woman from Italy had 11 sets of fraternal twins in 11 years the last being in 1947 - not all of them survived.
  • The Tremblay's of Quebec, Canada had 6 sets of twins in 8 years. (Can you imagne?!)
  • Nigeria holds the world record for multiple birth. It's thought to be due to the amount of yam in their diet.
  •  Just because mom or pop is a twin doesn't mean two are on the way. There is no way whatsoever to predict identical twins so a mom who is an identical twin has no better chance of producing twins than any other women. 
    • And the twinning gene is carried on the female side, so dad doesn't have much to do with it (at least in terms of the first generation - the dad can pass along a gene to his daughter). 
  • If fraternal twins run in a female's family, her odds of conceiving twins are much greater!
    • The gene for hyperovulation may be passed down from generation to generation.
    • It's a myth that twins skip a generation. Often the gene will be passed down to a male member of the family, then he will in turn pass it down to one of his daughters who will then have twins.
Chances of Having Twins
Twins of any type - 1:40
Spontaneously fraternal twins - 1:60
Identical twins - 1:240
2nd set of identical twins - 1:62,500
Two sets of fraternal twins - 1:5 (Oh wow! How crazy would it be if I had another set of twins!)
If mom is fraternal twin - 1:20-25
Conjoined twins - 1:60,000
Twins in Australia - 1:66
Twins in UK - 1:72
Twins in Canada - 1:89
Twins in Japan - 1:166
Twins in Nigeria - 1:22
Twins if using Clomid - 1:5



  1. very interesting facts and it would be just crazy (awesome) if you had another set of twins! ;)

  2. Wow. My dad's mom had twins. Hmm...

  3. Okay wow. That was neat. First off - yes! I got your address. Don't hold your breathe YET...but you will receive something soon. Soon-ish. And Nigeria and yams, eh? Ya don't say?!?!

  4. Annie, Boyfriend is scared to try for a girl (eventually) because he's afraid it will be another set of twins.
    That One Girl, you never know.....I was completely surprised, maybe you will be too :)
    Melifaif, I'm not entirely sure why, but they think the high amount of yams cause hyperovulation. Weird huh?

  5. Wow! I didn't know most of that information about twins. Very interesting. Thanks, Lindsay.


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