Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I know this is totally jumping the gun, but I want to make my own baby food. I actually bought a Baby Bullet online so I can start making food as soon as the bambinos start eating solids. I ran across these bento boxes yesterday and thought they were a pretty cute idea. I'm a picky eater so I'm hoping that maybe these bentos will help them to NOT be picky eaters.

 I like that the lunches aren't filled with plastic baggies to be thrown away either.

I do find it ironic that I am the least domestic person ever but yet I have aspirations to make baby food and cute, little lunches when the time comes. We'll see if I can pull it off.

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  1. Well, the person you WERE and the person you know ARE...are completely different and continue to change. These babes will bring out a side you never knew. Proof is in the bullet. Ha! And I have not forgot about your return date. But, I do think I need to get the sussy in the mail if I plan to be on time....tick tock!

  2. You're so funny. I know I'm changing, but I didn't expect that I would suddenly try and cook things. But I guess the proof is in the bullet.

  3. those little meals are all adorable!!!
    i've been thinking about making my own baby food as well, you'll have to do a post and let us know how it goes once you start! :)

  4. Making your own baby food is SO easy and so much healthier! I did it with my guy with just a blender and a masher and lots of reusable containers. Just pick a day when you want to start, and do it all at once, assembly line style, and pop it into the freezer!


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