Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Baby Gaga

I've read a lot lately about how people are buying other people's breast milk to nourish their baby. One British ice cream parlor has taken it a step further and started selling ice cream made from breast milk!
The man responsible for Baby Gaga ice cream
 The ice cream parlor owner (who looks all kinds of crazy) says if it's good enough for babies it's good enough for adults and he pays women £15 for every 10 ounces of breast milk they donate. He screens women using the same blood test blood donors are screened with.

I don't think I'd have the guts to try it, would you?


  1. When my friend was breastfeeding, she used to put a little into everyones milk at dinner.... Its supposed to be amazing but.... No... I wouldn't try it... I would gag KNOWING what it was...

  2. UGH I have read about this on various news sites . . . I can't help but think it's just a ploy to get in the news, right? A gimic? GROSS ME OUT.

  3. Mrs, did they KNOW she was putting breast milk in their milk?! She only did it to family and not guests, right?


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