Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Neighbor Drama

Remember when I told you about my crazy neighbor? Friday we night we had more neighbor drama and I don't even live in the same place!

Friday night, we were watching TV and most likely burping the Bambinos. Around 10pm, we heard the boom boom boom of someone's bass in their car. It wasn't bothering me at all, but it must have been bothering Boyfriend because he opened the door and hollered to the neighbor's, "Hey can you turn it down a bit?" in a nice, friendly tone. He made the comment that the car looked like a portable party because it had porche doors (you know the ones that raise up rather than opening out) and lights under, in and all around it. No joke. I think they even strobed to the beat of the bass.
Fast forward to 3am. I'm in the nursery feeding the babies and I hear the bass again, and this time there's lots of yelling, and talking. The neighbors were obviously having a party which means their parents must not have been home. I tried to ignore the cacophony but because their door is on the end of the house (the neighborhood is all old school houses from the 1940s with the front door being under a carport at the end of the house) so the door and driveway is literally feet away from one of the nursery windows.

Still holding both babies, I open the front door and stand out there for a few minutes watching that same stupid car parked in front of the house blasting it's music, watching more kids walk up to the house from their parking spots down the street and watching a girl in a jean skirt and black tank top yelling "Haaaaaaiiii," to everyone who walks up.

And then I yell, "Turn it down!" and shut the door. I storm into Boyfriend's room and tell him, I'm ready to call the cops, it's 3 in the morning and this is ridiculous. He told me to call the cops. I feel bad because Boyfriend is friendly with the dad next door so I tell him they have five minutes and if nothing changes I'm calling. I then leave him in a middle-of-the-night stupor to fall back asleep.

45 minutes later, I call the cops. Oddly enough, the cop who responded to the call was Boyfriend's friend who explains they're just a bunch of kids but they're leaving. So then I get to sit and listen to the clang clang clang of bottles being thrown in the recycling bin as well as the portable party's exhaust going up and down the street.

This whole situation leads me to one question: when did I become old?


  1. ha...it sucks getting old huh?? not too long ago and we would have been the ones partying all night :)

  2. You did not get old. You really grew up the moment you popped those sweet babes out!!! But, I know what you mean...the first time I called out one of the neighborhood tweens for cussing while playing basketball....I had the same feeling as you. Ha!


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