Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Baby Edition

In addition to all the normal baby products - Boppys, etc. There's a few other items I've found that I love.

I've raved before about the Double Blessings pillow.

This thing has literally saved me. It's so easy to feed both Bambinos at the same time. I just plop one on each side of the pillow and feed. I can even do it when Boyfriend's not home to hand them to me.  I don't know what I would do if I was feeding them separately - I already feel like I constantly feed!

The other item, I just found out about from a friend: The Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper
These things are amazing! Anyone who reads my other blog knows that we had a scary episode with Eli regurging one night so I love the fact that their heads are elevated a bit. It cuddles them and gives them the cozy feeling they're used to from being in the womb which is part of the reason I think they won't sleep in their cribs or Pack N Play. AND these things fold up and are easy to move from room to room. They can be used up to 25 pounds so once the Bambinos DO start using their cribs, we can give them to the grandparents to keep at their house for when we visit.

The last item, I didn't think I needed. After working at PICC, we learned very specific ways to calm drug-affected babies so I thought What can this book teach me about calming a baby?! But I actually learned some things.

The whole concept of the 5 S's is not new to me. We swaddled, shushed, and all those other things at PICC, but the book had some other helpful tips like how to get your babies to keep a pacifier in their mouth. The Bambinos love their binkies, but they don't keep them in very well, especially once they're in that between awake and sleep state, and then they get frustrated. At first my nights were sleepless mainly because I had to keep inserting binkies. The book goes over sleeping, calming, sucking, and a lot of other things and it's super easy and entertaining to read.


  1. I thought i had been added to your other blog but I cant figure out how to access it? I'm so slow. haha

  2. I'm going to have to look into The Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper! I want one ;)
    And I have a friend who swears by that book, says its the best. I might pick up a copy of it this weekend!

    p.s. I want to be able to read your other blog!

  3. They're totally worth it, Annie. I pull them unto the bathroom while I shower, in the living room when I'm cleaning up and, of course, in their room at night.


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