Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Fashion

I actually watched the Oscars last night. Usually I pay attention to the red carpet and that's about it.

I really liked Mila Kunis's dress

And Natalie Portman's dress was gorgeous.
Much better than her pink Golden Globes one.
Now why couldn't I have amazing dresses like that when I was pregnant? It doesn't matter, I wouldn't have fit anyway.

Reese Witherspoon looked like Vintage Barbie

Anne Hathaway's blue dress looked like Fruit By the Foot

Penelope Cruz was smokin'! How sexaaay is that dress?! And she just had a baby! Can I look that good, please?

But what I loved the most was Anne H's fierce shoes and sparkly eyelashes. I must find a place to wear those.

Brian Atwood Swarvosky encrusted - images via
Now, I know Scarlet Johanssen is gorgeous. But her hair was not. I liked the plunging back of her dress, but from the front I thought she looked a hot mess.
I kind of felt like Marisa Tomei looked like she'd left her stylist's with wet hair and let it air dry. I know, people are going to be like Whaaaat?! You crazy! but I just didn't love her hair.
And Nicole Kidman's dress - awful. I like the origami look sometimes, but get rid of the hip things. It kind of looked like there was leftover fabric so they haphazardly placed it.

Did you watch the Oscars? What did you think of the fashion?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gotta Love A Presidents Day Sale

I've decided that in all my spare time (yeah right!) I'm going to make the Bambinos baby books. I'm making them scrapbooks with all their first year milestones, so, on a whim, I decided to buy a Cricut on Monday.
I don't have a complete grip on using it yet, but I love the fact that it can cut out cute fonts for the page headers. the best part is I got it for $79.99! They're originally $199. Steal!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lindsay Loves: Baby Edition

In addition to all the normal baby products - Boppys, etc. There's a few other items I've found that I love.

I've raved before about the Double Blessings pillow.

This thing has literally saved me. It's so easy to feed both Bambinos at the same time. I just plop one on each side of the pillow and feed. I can even do it when Boyfriend's not home to hand them to me.  I don't know what I would do if I was feeding them separately - I already feel like I constantly feed!

The other item, I just found out about from a friend: The Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper
These things are amazing! Anyone who reads my other blog knows that we had a scary episode with Eli regurging one night so I love the fact that their heads are elevated a bit. It cuddles them and gives them the cozy feeling they're used to from being in the womb which is part of the reason I think they won't sleep in their cribs or Pack N Play. AND these things fold up and are easy to move from room to room. They can be used up to 25 pounds so once the Bambinos DO start using their cribs, we can give them to the grandparents to keep at their house for when we visit.

The last item, I didn't think I needed. After working at PICC, we learned very specific ways to calm drug-affected babies so I thought What can this book teach me about calming a baby?! But I actually learned some things.

The whole concept of the 5 S's is not new to me. We swaddled, shushed, and all those other things at PICC, but the book had some other helpful tips like how to get your babies to keep a pacifier in their mouth. The Bambinos love their binkies, but they don't keep them in very well, especially once they're in that between awake and sleep state, and then they get frustrated. At first my nights were sleepless mainly because I had to keep inserting binkies. The book goes over sleeping, calming, sucking, and a lot of other things and it's super easy and entertaining to read.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I can finally work out starting this week. I've been itching to start the 30 Day Shred again because I  think that DVD really helped me get in better shape pre-pregnancy, but I want to mix it up with something else as last time I was also jogging on the treadmill. Since I no longer have an exercise room at my disposal,  I've been thinking about doing Zumba.
I wouldn't be taking a class but trying to do it in my free time before Boyfriend gets home (yeah right! I can try though) so I've been thinking about getting some Zumba DVDs.

Have any of you tried it? What do you think?

Once I start pumping and giving the babies bottles, I'd also like to do a barre class, can you tell I really miss dancing. Have any of you tried a barre class?  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Neighbor Drama

Remember when I told you about my crazy neighbor? Friday we night we had more neighbor drama and I don't even live in the same place!

Friday night, we were watching TV and most likely burping the Bambinos. Around 10pm, we heard the boom boom boom of someone's bass in their car. It wasn't bothering me at all, but it must have been bothering Boyfriend because he opened the door and hollered to the neighbor's, "Hey can you turn it down a bit?" in a nice, friendly tone. He made the comment that the car looked like a portable party because it had porche doors (you know the ones that raise up rather than opening out) and lights under, in and all around it. No joke. I think they even strobed to the beat of the bass.
Fast forward to 3am. I'm in the nursery feeding the babies and I hear the bass again, and this time there's lots of yelling, and talking. The neighbors were obviously having a party which means their parents must not have been home. I tried to ignore the cacophony but because their door is on the end of the house (the neighborhood is all old school houses from the 1940s with the front door being under a carport at the end of the house) so the door and driveway is literally feet away from one of the nursery windows.

Still holding both babies, I open the front door and stand out there for a few minutes watching that same stupid car parked in front of the house blasting it's music, watching more kids walk up to the house from their parking spots down the street and watching a girl in a jean skirt and black tank top yelling "Haaaaaaiiii," to everyone who walks up.

And then I yell, "Turn it down!" and shut the door. I storm into Boyfriend's room and tell him, I'm ready to call the cops, it's 3 in the morning and this is ridiculous. He told me to call the cops. I feel bad because Boyfriend is friendly with the dad next door so I tell him they have five minutes and if nothing changes I'm calling. I then leave him in a middle-of-the-night stupor to fall back asleep.

45 minutes later, I call the cops. Oddly enough, the cop who responded to the call was Boyfriend's friend who explains they're just a bunch of kids but they're leaving. So then I get to sit and listen to the clang clang clang of bottles being thrown in the recycling bin as well as the portable party's exhaust going up and down the street.

This whole situation leads me to one question: when did I become old?

Monday, February 14, 2011


I'm one of those people who hates Valentine's Day. Okay, Hate is a strong word, but I think the holiday is pointless. I want to be cherished and loved every day! Usually, Boyfriend and I do something together rather than give each other gifts. Two years ago we went to the Aquarium and it was a ton of fun!

Yesterday, we went to one of my favorite breakfast places, Kona Kitchen, and then decided at the last minute to do something. We thought about the zoo, but figured we'd wait until Spring when the weather is better so instead we just walked around the mall. (It wasn't about going anywhere really, but more about getting out of the house. I love staying home with the Bambinos but I totally get cabin fever!)
Anyway, today I decided to write Boyfriend a love letter. I just love getting mail don't you? Emails are fun, but I kind of think actual mail and letters is a lost art - I think it would be so fun to have a pen pal. This letter is not going to get mailed but hopefully Boyfriend will like it all the same. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Not a Man Purse It's a Diaper Bag!

One of Boyfriend's show hosts gave him this bag the other day
 It's from Boyfriend's very secure in his sexuality and would carry my girlie bag around but he was not thrilled when I thought he was given a purse. He's so cute and already has the bag filled with diapers, wipes and swaddling blankets :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

High Maintenance Dog

I love Teddy to pieces, I really, really do. In fact, I tell him all the time that he's the best thing I ever spent money on. But, he's very high maintenance at the moment: he had hot spots he'd scratched to the point where his chest was bleeding and scabby so I took him to the vet. A TON of money later I find out that he has allergies so now I have special dry and wet food for him, an oral steroid to give him twice daily, a topical steroid, a flea preventative because even though he's never had fleas, a small flea bite would be like a huge dog bite to him. I have an anti-yeast medicine where I have to give him three-fourths of a pill once a day, some other medicine to give him twice a day and another one to give him once a day (I'm not even sure what those ones are for anymore.) He now gets Omega-3s daily. He also has ear infections so I have to clean his ears with one thing, and put drops down each one. Oh and did I mention the special shampoo I have to use once a week to help his skin?

To top it all off, as I'm typing this, he just threw up so all the pills he took awhile ago probably came up with it!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fam Bamily

Saturday we took the Bambinos to meet their great-grandma as well as some great aunts & uncles and second cousins. They were so well behaved! It's about a three and a half drive over there and they only fussed at the very end of the drive out of hunger.
Great- Grandma meeting the Bambinos

My youngest cousin told his mom, "I wish we could take him home," as my aunt was holding Ethan. It was pretty cute!

We drove over and back in one day so it was a pretty long day but I'm so happy the Bambinos got to meet their fam!


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