Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We Got Our stroller!

We got our stroller last night. I was fortunate enough to get enough Babies R Us gift cards that we didn't have to pay a dime or our stroller. We ended up getting the Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller and although I haven't used it out in the real world yet, I will today and I couldn't be more excited.
 This will make life so much easier. Sunday B and I took the Bambinos to Costco and we had to put each car seat in the basket of a cart so even with two carts we didn't have much space for groceries. Can't wait to use our stroller!

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  1. What a blessing not to have to pay for your stroller! Cool beans girl! Also, congrats on being a new mommy! What an awesome blessing! I love how you call your kids Bambinos - so cute! Best wishes and Blessing to you as you continue on your journey through motherhood! :o)


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