Friday, January 28, 2011

New Camera! I Need Your Help

I got a new camera two days ago. My other point and shoot is 7 or 8 years old so it was definitely time. I went with the Sony Cybershot DSC H55 because it has a 10x optical zoom, big viewing screen, decent video quality and this cool panoramic feature.

Please excuse the mess
The only problem is, I'm not sure I love the camera. Maybe I just don't have it on the right settings yet, but when I have it on auto (the setting I usually use) the colors of my pictures look really funny upon viewing them on the camera. The colors are off. When I uploaded them to my computer, they looked a little better, but I don't think I like the pictures as much as I like the pics from the fancy Nikon SLR I borrowed from my dad.
The new Sony

The older Nikon
There's barely a difference but when you look at them on the computer, you can tell the colors are a little more muted and the way I see them in real life in the Nikon's pictures.

Do you have a point and shoot camera? What kind do you have? Do you love it? Do you know of any "Photography for Dummy's" websites I should check out?


  1. Oh how I wish I could help. I am currently in love with my friends Nikon D100 that she is letting me borrow...good luck!

  2. i had the same problem with my sony camera. i had 3 where the colors were always off. maybe it was me, but maybe it's just sony. good luck!

  3. I haven't had a really good camera since my old Canon Power Shot S50 (I think) it came with a coach camera bag lol

    Have you tried having some pictures printed from the new camera...

  4. I have a Canon PowerShot and I love it. It shoots great on the Auto setting, but also has lots of manual settings to play with.

  5. You are going to get a Million different answers on here about cameras. I a majored in photo in college. I kinda know a wee bit about cameras I'd like to say. First off the top two BEST QUALITY BeST EVERYTHING cameras that are out there are 1. Nikon 2. Canon. They are also the more expensive cameras.

    The picture on the top has way better coloring to the photos. More punch which is what most people want in their pictures anyway.

    You gotta get off Auto on the settings and play around on it to see what you come up with (probably easier said than done with 2 newbie twins at home but hey when they nap they'll be your best subjects to photograph!)

  6. Thanks for the feedback CMae. I was debating between the Sony I ended up with and a Nikon and oddly enough, the Nikon was cheaper! I had a Cannon for years so I think I might take back the Sony and get either a Nikon or Cannon. The only reason I went with the Sony is because the zoom is so good which is nice when I'm at concerts and stuff. I don't know enough about ISO and aperture and stuff to take the camera off auto!

  7. I have the Canon PowerShot SX20 IS....I am not very good at it...but it takes good pictures on Auto!! Good luck!!


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