Monday, January 3, 2011

37 Weeks....Why Can't They Just Cut Them Out Already?!?

NYE was super quiet. Boyfriend and I stayed at home and watched Selena. Love that movie! Then we watched the Space Needle's fireworks on TV. We've become that couple.
 Actually, he's concerned about drinking and not being able to drive me to the hospital and then looking like a horrible boyfriend/father. Except, B doesn't get drunk. In the two years we've known eachother I've never seen him drunk, so we could have gone somewhere, but didn't.

New Years Day, Boyfriend and I did what my family does every year: we went to my grandma's for cornbread and black eyed peas.

Then B convinced my dad and step-mom to let him help clean out this monstrosity:
their garage. They're not hoarders exactly, but my dad doesn't like to get rid of anything! (At one point he actually said, "We can't get rid of those, those are my hunting long johns - they're still good." He hasn't hunted since at least 1993 or 1994! And he was thinner then, he was teeny-tiny....I doubt they'll fit.) And my step-mom has a shopping problem. B's been wanting to do a Clean House type thing for at least a year and a half.

My lady bits had been hurting since NYE, along with the top of my thighs and my hips. I felt like I'd worked every muscle in that area out for at least 6 hours, and I kind of felt like Baby A's foot would eventually fall out, so my step-mom convinced me to call the consulting nurse. The consulting nurse called the on-call doctor who said I should go to the hospital to get checked out even though I was probably fine.So this is how I spent New Years Night:
Getting another NST, having my blood pressure checked, etc.Everything was fine and I was in fact sent home. The nurse and doctor are super impressed with how well I'm carrying twins, but were shocked that my legs and feet are so swollen since my blood pressure is so good. I kind of wish they would have decided just to cut the babies out of me already.


  1. Poor girl! I hope those babies come soon for you!

  2. 37 weeks! ah! almost there! get as much sleep (as you possibly can) now, they will be here in no time!

  3. You look so amazing!!!!!! I'm glad you had a nice low key NYE.... Think of how it will be with two almost 1 year olds next year!!!! :-)

    Love you, girl! Happy Birthday!

  4. hAPPY BIRTHDAY????? I am pretty sure you did.not mention that?!? So, happy bday lady!!! And what a sweet BF you have. Seriously. I say when you see your doc next go ahead and request an induction date. Why not???? Wishing you well my friend.

  5. You look great! I want to see a full on belly shot. Amazing that a woman's body can accommodate TWO little humans in there. And as for collards & black eyed peas, I don't think there's been a new years day in my life that I haven't eaten them! This year I made them for some friends, and gotta say they were pretty fantastic. :)


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