Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leavenworth Weekend

So I wasn't entirely truthful when I said last weekend was the last time Boyfriend and I would get away before the babies are born. I knew we were going to Leavenworth the very next weekend but it was with his whole family so our Seattle weekend was the last time the two of our would get away. And actually, it's the first time we went anywhere, just the two of us, just for fun.

Anyway, we ended up in a little condo in Leavenworth on Friday while his two sisters and their husbands, his two nieces, his nephew and his mom all stayed in a house just a short drive away. It was kind of nerve-wracking getting up there because of the snow and all the idiots who think they can still drive 70+ in the snow, but we safely made it to our cute little condo.
It was really nice of his sister to give us the condo when one of the other couples easily could have stayed in it instead.

The people who own the condo thought of all kinds of cute added touches like this welcome bear. They provided plenty of extra blankets and pillows for the fouton, teas, cocoa, apple cider, etc. the family that stayed in the house seemed much more impressed with the extras our condo provided.

Another little friend found right by the TV

They had a bear theme going throughout the condo, even the pulls on the lights & fans were little bears.
I think the things were the most impressed with was that they provided free wi-fi! I'm not saying I enjoyed the condo more than B's surprise stay at the Edgewater, but they didn't try and get more money out of us for every little thing which was nice....our bed was way too soft though so Saturday night I stayed on the fouton while B tried to brave the bed.

Both Saturday and Sunday we pretty much spent exploring the little shops since we were right in the heart of downtown Leavenworth. I didn't take a ton of pictures, but one shop I enjoyed was the Gingerbread Factory - it smelled like heaven!

The gingerbread man is a little "puffy" in the middle. We thought they were pretty cute!

I needed a hat. since I don't spend a ton of time in the cold in Seattle, I don't own any hats! We had fun trying on all the big, fluffy, furry ones but they were way too big! They all covered my eyes. I wasn't planning on getting that type anyway, but in the end I didn't purchase a different style either.
I took more pics but they were all of the fam's kids and I don't feel right putting someone else's kids on here. How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


Friday, November 26, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hi friends! How was your Thankgiving? Mine was pretty good, I'm sure I'll share more next week. Anychangingthesubjectway, How cute are these ornaments?
 They're from Crate and Barrel and totally help me get in the Christmas spirit. I must have some for our tree, if we put one up. I'm not sure we will this year ( a tragedy, I know) but with the babies coming I just don't have a ton of energy, and we have a pretty small house, I'm not sure where we'd put a tree.

I am in to the Christmas spirit way more than Halloween though. I didn't do any Halloween decorating this year! I moved into Boyfriend's around October 1st so I was way more interested in putting stuff away than decorating the house for Halloween.

But anyway, I'm into the Christmas spirit already although I always make myself wait until December 1st to decorate or play Christmas music. It's been really hard to refrain with all the snow we've had. Seattle got snow before Thanksgiving - that never happens! 

It started Monday night and went well into Tuesday. I left my car at work and rode home with Boyfriend and then came in with him on Tuesday and Wednesday - at 5am! I am SO not a morning person, I don't know how he does it every day. I really love snow, but I know I can't drive in it so I don't. Teddy's been enjoying it too.
Apparently red-eye reduction only works when the eyes are actually red. Stupid Photoshop!
Yes, he's wearing a jogging-suit-type-thing. B bought it on sale months ago and I was like, "Ugh, that's stupid." But for a dog who doesn't like to get wet, it's been really helpful. What about you? Do you have snow where you are?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Chance at Love Part 3

Tired of hearing about our stay in Seattle yet?
Saturday night we went to dinner at this place called Sullivan's. It was so good! Because my tastebuds are so funny these days, B let me pick the restaurant and I'm happy I chose Sullivan's. We both ordered steak, and then the sides come à la carte so we ordered mac n cheese with these philly cheese steak eggrolls.
After we'd already scarfed down two of the eggrolls.
Boyfriend was IN LOVE with the mac n cheese, I fear he might like it better than mine.
Two happy Sullivan's customers

After dinner, although we were stuffed, we walked across the street to the Cheesecake Factory and bought a piece of Brownie Sundae Cheesecake. I figured we could always put it in the mini-fridge and eat it later.
Have I ever mentioned just how much I love cheesecake?
I was looking forward to jumping in bed and passing out as soon as we got back to the room. Except, when I walked in, I noticed chocolate covered strawberries sitting on the table. Boyfriend knows how much I love them and forgot he'd arranged to have some delivered to our room while we were gone. But that wasn't the end of the surprises! Remember my comment from yesterday about the two pearls? He'd had them made into earrings!
Sneaky boyfriend!
No wonder why B was so blasè when I said I made the comment about the pearls yesterday - he knew where they were the whole time! I feel kind of bad 'cause just a few weeks ago, I'd made a comment to my sister about how I never get jewelry from B, little did I know he had something up his sleeve. I felt like such a jerk!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Chance at Love Part 2

Saturday was wonderful! I got up super early, like I usually do, took a bath in the room's bathtub and then took a nap after breakfast. I got the Edgwater's waffles (can you believe that's the first time I'd ordered room service?) and it was delicious!

After my nap we decided to make like tourists and head to Pink Place Market. It was only a short 7 block walk so we hoofed it in the crisp, salty, Seattle air.
Pike  Place is that place Seattle's known for where the guys throw the fish.It's basically a big farmers market, heavy on the seafood, but it sells other stuff too, like fruits and fresh doughnuts. The line for the doughnuts was crazy long, but we did buy some saltwater taffy. 

Only one of the many seafood vendors
Boyfriend barely comes up to the tallest man's waist. B's 6'1" this guy was 8'11" or something crazy like that.
 There's all kind of shops and stuff too: a card & coin shop, movie memorabilia shop, all kinds of ethnic goods, jewelry, Market Spice tea shop (Yum! May fave.) 

When we were in this one Native American Jewelry shop, I mentioned that I couldn't find my pearls from the two pearls one oyster story. Boyfriend seemed so unconcerned when he pointed out that we've been doing a lot of work on the house and they'll turn up eventually. I don't want them eventually, I want them now!
 Seattle has these pigs in different places all over the city. Last year when we went on the Market Ghost Tour, B and I had our picture taken by this one so we had to do it again. Unfortunately the wind picked up as soon as I got on there and this is the best of the three he took of me.
On the walk home, B suggested we go to Starbucks. The one we were near had kind of a long line so we decided to go to the very first one ever opened. BAD idea! The line was out the door so we were like, "No big deal, we're in Seattle, we'll find another." And we didn't pass another Starbucks the whole walk back to the hotel!
Seattle wouldn't be complete without street musicians. This one played the harmonica, sang, hula hooped, played the guitar and even balanced the guitar on his chin while hula hooping. It was pretty fun watching him.

We went to a delicious dinner that night but that's tomorrow's post!

Monday, November 22, 2010

It's The Last Dance, Last Chance At Love!

I had been good all week and not asked Boyfriend any questions about my surprise weekend other than the necessary ones like, "What should we do with Teddy?" and "Will you tell me what to pack?" He had told me almost a month before to save the weekend for him but that's all he would tell me. We ended up at the Edgwater in Seattle!
 Why they call it the Edgwater, its literally built on poles coming from the water.

It was nice to get away one last time before the babies come.
Our room even had a fireplace.
And a bathtub! I've never stayed in a nice hotel and have always told B I wanted to stay somewhere with a nice bathtub.
This little footstool hung out in front of the fireplace. Like it? You can buy one for $350!

Friday night, we decided to go see a co-worker do comedy at Jai Thai on Broadway. It was....interesting. Apparently it was open mic night and most of the guys were NOT funny. The most interesting one came last. 

There were two dragons painted on the wall behind the little stage the  comedians were using. People made the obvious jokes about Ed Hardy painting them, etc. But then the last guy gets up and makes up this scene where the two dragons don't want to go in the water and they get pulled over by the police, have tourettes and have crack on them. 

He literally did not look at the audience at all. We all think he must have been on crack or something and it was so ridiculous that it got to the point where people were pulling out their phones and taping him. The guys running the comedy thing were laughing and kind of looking at each other like, "What the F do we do now?" 

Enjoy the video below of this guy, but understand that the laughing is not 'cause he was funny, it's 'cause people were laughing AT the guy and how awkward the situation was. 

Friday, November 19, 2010


Did this week draaaaag by to anyone else? It's been pretty uneventful so maybe that's what did it. Last Friday I had another ultrasound. Because it's twins I get them every week. B couldn't go so I asked my mom and sister to go. The boys are my mom's first grandkids so she was thrilled to go.

The ultrasound tech took all the normal pictures: heart, head, bladder, kidneys, etc. Then she got their faces!
This is  Baby A, he was making a sucking motion when we saw him - it was so cute!

They're  already fighting 'cause this is Baby B's face. Baby A was blocking it with something but basically B's face is on the left. You can barely make out an eye. 

I also had a regular doctor appointment on Wednesday and I'm measuring 36 weeks - but I'm only 30!!! I know it's normal to measure bigger with twins, but I can only imagine how much bigger I'm going to get!

Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Finally Friday!

TGIF right?! This week has been so busy and I'm ex.haust.ed. Wednesday I worked the Usher Concert then actually watched the concert. It was really good! He opened the show right in front of us. Literally. The dancers were distracting people to the stage when all of a sudden the lights flash to Usher on a platform right in front of my section. And we were in row 12 so we had a really good view.
Opener Trey Songz

We didn't expect Usher to be right in front of us

He did a lot of his older, familiar songs which was fun. It seems like a lot of artists try and promote their newest album so they do songs people aren't as familiar with. He DID do OMG and DJ got Us Fallin' in Love but also Nice and Slow, My Boo, Burn, Confessions, I Need a Girl and all his other good ones - except he didn't do My Way! :(

Yesterday, my work threw us a Baby Shower. We got a bunch of other presents but we also got enough in Babies R Us gift cards to buy our double stroller!

Please ignore my nastiness, I worked 10 hours the days before and my body literally felt like a wet noodle all day. I had NO energy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Sunday was great. After such a busy Saturday, I was happy to sleep in until 7am, take a bath, take a nap and then work on my baby shower thank you cards. My step-mom handmade all my invitations and I really liked them so I wanted to do something similar but with different colors. Luckily my step-mom has a ton of scrap booking supplies.
What a mess!
The finished product

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was....interesting. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Saturday I went to this lovely lady's baby shower

She's about two weeks behind me and having a girl so we're super excited for play dates.

Saturday night we went to Boyfriend's sister's sister-in-law's wedding. Got that? And this is where the night gets interesting. The wedding was held in Union Station which is ginormous and gorgeous. We were in the back row and, because of the echoing, couldn't hear a thing. At one point B thought the oficiant was speaking another language - he wasn't.

The reception was also held in Union Station, and they did an amazing job with decorations. I didn't take any pictures but the center pieces were a mix of these small trees with candles hanging off them and just a ton of candles.
 Then they had this guy, Jesse Case, do stand up comedy. Apparently he was on Last Comic Standing awhile back and the bride and groom really wanted him to perform even though he told them he's never done comedy at a wedding and he'd end up ruining their wedding. They insisted, so he obliged. Right off the bat, he made a comment about the bride's boobs. And then followed it with how she's used to getting rear-ended. From there he did a bunch of other jokes that had nothing to do with the wedding party or marriage in general so it really wasn't that bad, but it definitely made for a memorable wedding!

The wedding also had a dance contest, a slide show, and a ton of alcohol. This is definitely one we won't forget!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mad About Boots

I have an embarrassing problem. Well, it's embarrassing to me because I already don't like my legs. Since almost the minute I got pregnant, my legs began to swell. It was so bad that my doctor ordered an ultrasound in September to make sur eI didn't have a blood clot - I don't.

Anyway, I lived in heels before I got pregnant.  I always wore at least 4 inchers. Now, sadly, they're not as comfy but I desperately need some cute shoes to wear so I checked out boots with low heels and a wide calf circumfrence. What do you think?

As you can tell, I'm super into slouchy and or buckles.And I prefer heels although I should probably go with flats. I know suede isn't the most practical for our rainy Seattle weather but as my pregnancy progresses I'll probably just head to work and home anyway. Which are your favorite? No pressure, but I might just depend on all of you to pick my next pair of boots!

picture #4 via Nordstrom, all others via Zappos


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