Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little This a Little That

Yesterday we received our changing table back. I bought it a few months ago for $20 and knew I'd want it refinished. Normally, I might try and take refinishing on myself but not right now so we paid the guy I bought it from to do it for me. It's 1920's walnut wood and it looks amazing!
 I might end up changing out the drawer pulls but for right now, they work. Our cribs are dark and he did so good matching the color! If you're in the Southend near Seattle, check out The Memory Mender. All together I paid $120 and I couldn't be happier. We have these two little kids rocking chairs we're going to have his wife recover someday soon too.

Then it was time to do a little of this:
I started working on my Halloween costume! If you remember from last year, Halloween is a big deal around the stations. I think Boyfriend's idea is going to place higher than mine in the costume contest but we'll see.

I actually had the energy to make dinner so then I made taco ring
I always forget to take pictures of it but it's these meaty-cheesy-bready-goodness that Boyfriend LOVES. (It's a good thing too because I only make about two things.)

And then I washed the boy's bedding, ironed the bedskirts and put the bedding on the bed.
We don't have mattresses yet but I'm hoping to get them on Sunday after we come back from visiting my Grandma in Eastern Washington. We have a coupon for 20% off that expires then and with two little boys coming everything we can save helps!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Present That's Actually for Me!

I'm thrilled to get presents for the boys, I really am. It feels like Christmas for me even though the presents are not actually for me. At my baby shower, I was telling my step sister that it's funny how nothing is ever for you the minute you get pregnant. People will text me with, I got you something today. I'll ask if it's for me or the babies and the response has always been: the babies. And I'm okay with that, I really am.

But how excited was I to get this in the mail yesterday from Sara Swears a Lot?
We bonded recently over our love for the movie Clueless and I just randomly received this in the mail! Thanks Sara!

Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend I started working on the Thank You Cards from my shower. I completely forgot to take pics, but I think they'll be pretty cute. I take pics when they're done for sure.

Sunday we took our hospital tour, and now I'm even more overwhelmed. I'm really afraid the babies will be a month early and we found out the only available birthing classes are on December 4th and 5th.Talk about cutting it close!

BUT....I got the nursery all taped off finally so we started the painting process this weekend. Remember this room? Well, we literally painted it just last Halloween, and now it's to be the nursery so we're painting again. I really loved the gray walls and wanted to find gray bedding, but gray is not a popular baby color. So last night the primer process was started:

I'd put some things in the Pack N Play that I didn't quite have a place for in the closet yet, but then we couldn't get the Pack N Play through the doorway! It was kind of annoying having to move the Pack N Play around the room so it wouldn't get paint on it.

B's not happy about having to paint the room, but he gets his garage to play in, I get the babies room....That's the way it goes.
All primered and ready for paint!

It was kind of sad watching the gray go away.

I'm hoping he'll paint while I'm at work today (he gets off waaaay earlier than I do) but the inspector came this morning and finally approved all the electrical in the garage so I have a feeling he'll be tinkering in the garage instead.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bambinos Baby Shower

My little sister threw me a baby shower Saturday - with my mom's help -  and it was better than I ever could have hoped! My poor sister had to plan it from the other side of the state since she's at school, but she did an amazing job.

The one thing I told my sister I would like is a candy bar and boy did they deliver! My mom and Aunt (who surprised me by riding over from Eastern Washington with my sister) made these delicious chocolate chip  cookie sandwiches, and had many of my favorite desserts like cheesecake, m&ms, chocolate covered strawberries - and all kinds of other candies and desserts.

I think they still had food left over at the end.
The welcome wagon

Pictures of Me & B when we were little
We played games like truths and lies where there were different statements about me and B, people had to guess what was true and what was a lie. We also played an old wives tale game - which I won- and baby bingo.
My sister asked my dad for pennies for bingo and this is what he gave her.
These two cousins surprised me by coming all the way from Bellingham!
I enjoyed food and the company of my family, friends and co-workers

So happy these two could make it
After food it was time for presents, I don't think this is even half of what we received. The boys are so spoiled!
B's favorite presents were the Coug outfits
See, there's a pretty big rivalry in Washington. Most people who live west of the mountains are University of Washington fans, people who grew up east of the mountains are Washington State fans. B grew up west of the mountains but went to Washington State so he's still a BIG supporter. I grew up west of the mountains, and didn't go to University of Washington, but still support the Huskies so we're a house divided. :) B tries to tell me we each get one twin to dress up, but  I'm not agreeing to that!
I'm glad my grandma was able to come. She doesn't get to get out much anymore....
B showed up toward the end of presents, just in time to take some group pictures of us and to stuff all the presents in his car.
I am so blessed. This what not even everyone who came....a few had to duck out early.

My friend Lacey's 24 weeks pregnant (I'm 26) but I'm well over two times as big as she is! But she's only having one (a girl!)

So glad my cousins surprised me and made the trip down, I wish they could have stayed longer
This aunt is sneaky! I didn't think any of my family from Eastern Washington would be able to make it.
My mom with us girls. Except, we're missing four other girl cousins.

My mom, sister and me, I'm so grateful for everything they did to put this together.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CSN Product Review

CSN provided me with another giveaway or review opportunity! This time around, I decided to do a review, so I took a look around some for bed sets. I want to actually finish the bedroom in B's house rather than have it half done and not something I'm in love with like it was in my apartment.

I still want an upholstered headboard  so that's the first place I went. I mean, look at these!
If you've been reading long, you know how much I like tufted headboards!
This one's kind of fun!

The nailhead trim - I DIE! 

Needless to say, I will probably be saving my review until I can save to get one of these headboards - with the twins coming I just can't justify buying a new headboard right now....but I probably won't have to wait long because all of these headboards are less than $300!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mycle Wastman

Friday night, I found out this singer B and I like, Mycle Wastman was performing at the Edgwater in Seattle. Even though B had a ton of dry-walling to do still, he'd been wanting to see Mycle Wastman live so he agreed to go. So I stuffed my swollen legs into some cute jeans and heels and off we went to downtown Seattle.

I had never been to the Edgewater so it was fun to go somewhere new. The Edgwater's the hotel where the Beatles fished out the window in Seattle so it was cool to see Beatles memorabilia inside, but mostly it was fun to enjoy the music.

He did a lot of songs, but we left before he did one of my favorites. It was freezing cold by the time we left but well worth it.
(The video below is not from that night, I found it on youtube.)

On a completely different note, I drank only pineapple juice at the Edgwater and it was $3.50! It was also in one of the small glasses with a ton of ice. If you're not drinking alcohol, get water, but even then they'll bring it to you in another small glass.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Still Wouldn't Consider Myself Domestic But.....

This is boyfriend's bathroom. It's one of the first rooms he redid when he bought the house.

He really likes the pedestal sink look but that made absolutely NO room for my primping stuff when I moved in.  So off to IKEA we went where we found this cupboard to hold basically everything I need. I wanted it to look neat (you can kind of see through the doors) so I bought these baskets which make it super easy to pull out the basket I need and put it back when I'm done.

My evenings have been filled with doing these kinds of things. I wish we'd hurry and get to the fun stuff-painting!


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