Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Every year, Boyfriend spends Memorial Weekend at his friend's house in Eastern Washington, so of course I got to go last year and this year too. I busted my hump to get off work early on Thursday. Does anybody else feel guilty taking off from work early? I earned it, I finished everything I needed to in order to take off early but I still feel guilty.
Starting the weekend off right at Red Robbin

I had so been looking forward to this weekend, being only part-time at work I never take vacations so I was ready for this long weekend. And then I saw the weather report....Eastern Washington is like an extreme Western Washington without all the rain. It gets really hot in the summer (usually 90+) and really cold and snowy during the winter (I mean, feet of snow for weeks compared to the inch or two Seattle gets.) But for some reason, this weekend was supposed to be cloudy and somewhat rainy.
Entertaining ourselves before bed

Eventhough it was cloudy and rainy, it was still better than being in Seattle. The rain in Eastern Washington is what we'd call a very light sprinkle over here so it's much easier to handle than Seattle's pouring rain. My only disappointment is I didn't get tan.

Isn't this the cutest dog? He's Lab/Bassett Hound mix. B really wants a Black Lab but I think they're too common. If he got a Black/Bassett, I'd be all over it. But of course, I'd love any dog Boyfriend gets, I just love dogs!
The group the first day we tried to go out on the boat - the whitecaps stopped us! Can you believe all those people (plus me) slept in one three-bedroom house?! At least we had a place to stay :)

We went a little further south and found a calmer spot to go boating....except someone was trying to tell us something: first the whitecaps, then some part of the motor was unplugged then the propeller got some chunks taken out of it when we hit some rocks. After three signs, we decided to pull the boat out of the water.
Instead we sat on the shore and tried to hit the bouys with rocks. Look at those clouds!

I was over it, it's just too cold for shorts and sitting on the beach.

Yesterday morning....there's my favorite lowrider again!
After an unfortunate Mimosa accident yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I drank too many (but feel much better in this pic)

Our group again, I wish the clouds would burn off
The sandbar where everybody ties up. We were on the other side of the sandbar (thank goodness - it can be kind of crazy) this is nothing compared to the amount of boats last year.

This weekend was kind of...weird because of the weather, but still a ton of fun. How was your weekend?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Crush 2: The Undomestic Momma

It's time! It's time! Today's Blog Crush is Taylor at The Undomestic Momma!

Taylor was so gracious about answering all my questions (I've been wracking my brain for some good ones, feel free to help out!) She even apologized to me for not answering all my questions right away. She has a child for goodness sakes! Of course I understood while it took her a bit to get back to me :)

1) Why did you start blogging?
To keep family and friends up to date on my daughter

2) People who like________ will like your blog.
giveaways, and Mcklinky things since I do Top 2 Tues.

3) Describe your blog in five words:
clumsy, humorous, real, scatterbrained, fun (okay the humorous and fun are what Im hoping my blog is and the clumsy, scatterbrained and real are describing me)

4) If you could hang out with one person (living or dead) who would it be? 
Okay this may be cheating but I would love to have dinner with my daughter at age 13...right now I don't understand most of the mumble jumble from her little 15 month old mouth and as much as I love her being a baby I would like to know what she will be like at 13! She is already a drama queen so I can only imagine what things will be like in 12 years!

5) If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
warning: may randomly break out in dirty south rap music

6) How did your blog get so big in such a short amount of time?
 I really have no idea...I really started getting into reading other blogs and blogging in December so I guess just through meeting other bloggers and blogging more often.

7)If you had to eat one thing every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
spinach...weird I know!

8)What fashion/beauty item can you not live without?
right now wedges...I live in wedges during the summer!

9)If you could go back and live in any decade, which one would you choose?
60's ...I love Jackie-O!

10)What one thing (besides your family) is guaranteed to put a smile on your face?
Oh this is actually an upcoming Top 2 Tuesday. I would have to say listening to Stoney LaRue! Its such upbeat country that it can always put me in a good mood!
11) Any advice you'd like to give other bloggers?
 I love all of the blogs that I read so keep up the fab blogging :)

12) Tell us one thing about you people probably don't know
 Im pretty much an open book on my blog so thats a tough one but maybe that I have 3 tattoos and hope to get a couple more! They really are addicting! 

13) Anything else you'd like to tell new readers?
If you stop by my blog please let me know so I can read your blog!

14) What type of blogs do you like to read?
 I love fashion blogs and just everyday life blogs!

Taylor, thanks so much for participating and if you've never checked out The Undomestic Momma, hop over to her blog and do it now!

Taylor, here's your Blog Crush button, if you'd like you can display it proudly on your blog!


Do you have a Blog Crush? Email them to me at PLEASE email them, I don't know how to hide comments and I want to make this a fun surprise, you never know, you may be the object of someone's blog-affection.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Laugh That Much

Have I ever mentioned being in radio has its perks? Last night was great because I got to see Sex And The City 2 two days before it actually comes out!

My station and two of our company's other stations did a promotion with this place called Gold Class Cinemas where people could only get into the party by winning. We arrived at the theater, get our goodie bags filled with some candy and other SATC2 swag then we pick uour seats. The theater only has about 40 seats and they are all assigned! That's so awesome! We were given two drink tickets I had a margarita made with cranberry juice that was so-so, and this delicious cocktail they made just for SATC, it was champagne and rasperry vodka-yum! Then they passed hour devours around too. There were these delicious crostini things ( I think that's what they were called) with guyere cheese with a hint of honey and a cnadied walnut on top. There goes my diet!

Finally it was time to go to our seats! They were recliners!
They were so comfy and just like an airline, they had a button you push when you need something. The girl helping us was so nice, she gave people anything they needed - even a blanket and a pillow!

During the movie they also brought us an entre for each pair to share of sliders and some kind of lemon-baked chicken (picatta?) sandwich. THEN they brough desert of some kind of carmelized thing, strawberries and cream/yogurt, and brownies. It was amazing and I was stuffed!

The movie was good, one of my friends sid she liked it better than the first and I didn't expect to laugh as much as I did, but there was one cheesy scene involving the song "I am woman." All I can say is, now I want to go to Abu Dhabi! Well, actually Morocco because that's where it was filmed. Boyfriend kept making fun of me because all the girls' luggage is so cute, I kept telling him "i want her luggage," and then when I saw someone else's "I want her luggage."

Fun fact: the umbrellas they use in the movie are amazing, but they were made right here in Seattle by a local shop called Bella Umbrella!  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey Remember These?

I'd completely forgotten about these until I saw them on It's Not Gay, It's Fashion. I wonder what else form the 80's I've forgotten about.
Max Headroom
Spuds Mackenzie
Out of this World.
Did anyone else watch this? The girl's dad was an alien or something and she'd stop time by putting her two fingers together. It was the predecessor to the Zack Morris time-out :)
Small Wonder
I believe she was a robot?
Mr Belvedere!
Silver Spoons.
I had the biggest crush on Ricky Schroeder when I was little.

I had a few of these. I don't know what the draw was other than they were like a kangaroo but they sat in their own pouch.
Oh how I loved my Roller Racer
Pogo Ball! I'd jump on mine forever. Maybe I should get another to work out my legs? :)

Skip It

These are all things I'd forgotten about. Of course I remember Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch Dolls, etc. What about you? What were your favorite 80's things?

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Everything a Girl Needs

Everything a girl needs on a Sunday morning: movies, book, nail polish, puppy and laptop. Boyfriend was at  his softball game but it was pretty rainy in Seattle so I opted not to go. Instead, I painted my nails.

I got two new colors Saturday: Sinful Colors' Pink and Dream On.

I also got this blue one a few weeks ago but haven't tried it out yet:

I used Dream On, the purple one. I wanted something that would give my nails a pop of color since my bathing suit is black (I'm preparing for Memorial Weekend.) I like the color but I have to tell you, you'll need a few coats to cover enough not see your nails through it, and you definitely need a topcoat. Otherwise, it's flat like you colored your nails with markers.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Let Me Tell You About My Crazy......Neighbor Part 2

So where were we? Oh year, the neighbor's vistor had complained to Boyfriend about how I should have asked her to move out of our parking spot. She even admitted she understood we paid for the spot but still....she seemed to be okay when she was finished talking to him.

A week later, I parked and was walking up to my apartment, "Excuse me," I heard a pleasant enough voice say. I turned, "Do you live upstairs?"
"Do you remember having me towed last week?" I told her I didn't want her towed, I asked managment to put one of those green Do Not Park Here Stickers on her car.

She said, "Well they towed. That was a $400 bill out of my pocket." I told her I was very sorry she went through that but I didn't ask for her to be towed, she said, "Oh you're sorry. I don't see how you can look me right in the face and then ask for me to get towed." I said I had left notes on her car asking her not to park in pur spot and it obviously didn't work so I asked managment to put a sticker on her car.

She kept talking and repeating herself saying it was messed up and anybody else would have just asked for them not to park in their spot. Anybody else would hae beat my a$$.

I was still friendly but got a little more firm, "Your issue is with managment, I didn't ask fo you to get towed."

She said, "Well you know, Karma's a b!+ch, what goes around comes around and someday you'll get yours." As she got a little more hostile, I told her I wasn't going to argue with her and her issue was with managment, I turned to walk up the stairs and she yelled, "You're a piece of sh**! That's a hoe-a$$, b!+ch-a$$, trick a$$ move you pulled and anybody you're lucky you didn't get your ass beat!" I kept walking up the stairs as she was yelling, "FCUKED UP! Fcuked up! You'll get yours" and some other things I don't remember and didn't really pay attention to as I was going into my appartment.

Real classy lady. You're 40-50 years old yelling at a much younger person. You look like the crazy one standing in the parking lot yelling obscenities at the top of your lungs.

Once inside, I realized I was shaking. I was scared to even take Teddy out in case she was still down there. Roomate had been home sick so I facebooked her to let her know what happened (yes, I facebooked her from our downstairs, I didn't want to bother her if she was sleeping and knew she'd check facebook eventually.)

Roomate must have been on facebook because five minutes later she stormed downstairs. She had stayed home from an abcess tooth so she wasn't too sick to go into her Mama-Bear mode. She took Teddy out and said she dared the lady to say anything to her. She believes the neighbors would have no issue calling the tow truck themselves if we were in their spot.

The next day I was nervous to take Teddy out in the morning, I was nervous to take him out after I got home from work. I realized the other day I'm still on pins and needles everytime I park my car hoping she's not around and the incident happened two weeks ago. Why? Why am I letting an un-classy, middle-aged woman intimidate me?  Especially one who doesn't even live in our apartments?

What about you? Have any crazy neighbor stories? And in case you're wondering I didn't tell managment or call the cops I figure one time, okay, you spoke your piece, hopefully you feel better, a second time is harrasment and I will take action if needed.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let Me Tell You About My Crazy......Neighbor

Okay, so she's not a neighbor, but one of their frequent visitors. I live in an apartment and the amount of visitor parking spaces is seriously lacking. We lucked out and got an assigned space right in front of our building (actually we traded with someone, ours was closer to their place and theirs was closer to our place - so smart!)

After living in our apartment for  a few months with relatively no issues, our downstairs neighbors moved in. When they were moving in, we were nice enough to move Roomate's car so they could pull their movin truck into it and have easy access to the walkway. Then they started parking there like it was theirs.

I left little, nice, notes asking them to not park there anymore. As far as I can remember, they were nice and stopped hoarding our spot. Their friend was not so courteous. Roomate and I have this unsaid agreement that whoever gets home first parks in a visitor spot so the other one can take our assigned spot.

One time I came home and the neighbor's friend was still in our spot in her car. I pulled up behind her, put my blinker on and waited. And waited. And waited. Then I politely honked (just in case she didn't see me driving Boyfriend's big 1988 Ford Truck.) Supposedly, her car had broken down. Okay fine, this time it's okay, but this is at least the third time it had happened. I have left notes before asking her not to park there before.

Fast forward to three weeks ago. We renewed our lease and mentioned to managment that people still occasionally park in our spot, but I leave them notes politely asking them not to. Managment said they've been trying to crack down on that and to let them know, they'll put on of the annoying, green, warning stickers on the window.

About a week later I came home and that woman was in our spot again! In her car. I waited a minute, she didn't move so I flipped a U-y right next to her, pulled in to our spot and huffed upstairs. I got Teddy ready to take outside and walked over to the managment office. I told her the neighbor's friend was in our spot and I'd like them to put a sticker on her car.  Managment flipped out and said those neighbors had been warned over and over about parking in other people's spots. I clarified that it was a visitor of theirs but she said they were responsible for telling visitors where to park and she'd take care of it.

About 10 minutes later the manager called and said, "It's not the Concord in your spot, it's a black car." I told her I knew because it was their visitor, she said it didn't matter, the tow truck was there.

Oh no! I proteseted, but again she reiterated that they were responsible for telling their visitors where to park. Maybe 15minutes later Boyfriend came to pick me up. We were hanging out foir a bit before we went to Taco Tuesday when the visitor knocked on our door. I had just finished telling Boyfriend what happened, so he, trying to protect me, went and talked to the lady.

She was, understandably upset, but I protested to managment over and over about the towing so her real issue should have been with managment. I don't know why B didn't tell the visitor this. The visitor said anyone else would have warned them (how were we supposed to know exactly which apartment you belonged to?) and we've seen her car there before (so you've obviously been in our spot more than once.) From what I could hear from my perch upstairs, she was frustrated but calm, she seemed to understand that she was in the wrong. All seemed good, but it wasn't. Wait for part 2 tomorrow

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Need a Job

I'm super paranoid about writing about work online ( it gets people into trouble all the time) but it's that time. I've put it off for so long (almost a year) but I need a second job. I LOVE my job at the radio station so I'm going to work around that one, but when I quit "hell" last summer I loved working only one job so I've put off getting another one and decided to just have fun instead.

See, I started working when I was 17, by 18 I had two jobs and worked at least two jobs for 8 years. At one point I was working two jobs, going to school full time and working another temp seasonal job. When I first started in radio, I was interning, working two jobs and going to school. I've been a busy girl. Luckily my boyfriends were always pretty understanding.

I've done amazing things like help drug-addicted newborns get off drugs. I was there for five years and, let me tell you, I have very strong opinions about women who do drugs while pregnant. I've done some not so amazing things that I thought would be amazing. I ended up in this job I refer to as "hell." Without going into details I will tell you it was a horrible situation and after two years there, I was more than happy to quit last July a few months after being promoted in radio.
I was in a fairly new relationship (7 months) I was having fun for the first time in my life. For the first time, I could go camping with my friends, I could spend Friday nights with Boyfriend, I could let loose and have fun instead of working and making money.
My radio position is only part time. I'm getting by okay but buying my car over the weekend has really worried me. I didn't even get a new car, but I want to make sure I have more than just a few hundred dollars for gas, groceries and fun every month. I rounded my take-home pay down and rounded all my bills up so I know I'll have more than what I expect but I'm still freaking out. Boyfriend was so sweet reassuring me that everything would be okay, but I still worry. I'm a planner, I like to know how things will turn out, I want to know I'll be okay.

So now I'm looking for jobs. My only issue is, I don't want a second job. I'm loving the free time to do whatever I want. I wish I could blog all day for money.


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