Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Garbage House

Look at the talent of this guy....and his amazing house at the end!

I know you all know but, Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper.

Won Park is the master of Origami. He is also called the "money folder", a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill .
Bending, twisting, and folding, he creates life-like shapes in stunning detail. Be sure to see his home at the end of the art.

One Dollar
One Dollar Butterfly
One Dollar Camera

Two Dollars Battle Tank

Two Dollars Chinese Dragon

One Dollar Crab

One Dollar Dolphin

Two Dollars Jacket

Two Dollars Spider

One Dollar Scorpion

One Dollar Bat

One Dollar Toilet Bowl

One Dollar Penguin

One Dollar Shark

One Dollar Jet

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark

This is wild......He lives in a garbage truck! You have to look at this house!


How's that for some organization?!

The only thing is, the pictures on the inside show windows, so is the truck like a pop-up trailer and the pop up parts has windows?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pancake Puppies

In this post, I raved about the Basket of Puppies from Denny's (I know, I know, Denny's=ew, but the Basket of Puppies =amazing!) so I decided to try and make them for breakfast Sunday morning. My friend Kim had found a recipe online after I kept talking about them. I was dumb and thought they were made with pancake batter and ricotta cheese. Nope! There's no pancake batter - I wish I would've realized this BEFORE I went out and bought some. Anyway, using this recipe, I started the Puppies:

Makes 24
1 beaten egg
1 Tbsp sugar
1 cup All Purpose Flour
3 Tbsp milk
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup Ricotta cheese
Vegetable Oil for frying

Mix everything but the oil.

Drop mixture by teaspoons. Cook until golden brown. Adjust oil temp to insure doneness in the middle. And the best part about it is the "puppies" with turn themselves as they cook. Painless!

Ummm....okay, this description is a little misleading, I'll tell you how my puppies turned out.
I mixed everything up
 then I wondered how the cinnamon and sugar would stick to the outside of a cooked puppy. The recipe didn't say anything about cinnamon and sugar but you can definitely tell there's cinnamon and sugar on Denny's
So, because I'm so Undomestic, I assumed the cinnamon and sugar needed to be rolled onto the balls before they were fried, I rolled them in a mix of cinnamon and sugar and friend them up! (Okay, B fried, the oil kept popping so he didn't want me to get hurt)
Here's where I DON'T agree with the recipe - the puppies DO NOT roll themselves. They cook and flatten into little, fat, pancakes. I was dumb and realized that the grease would help the cinnamon and sugar stay on so do yourself a favor and roll them in the mixture after, that way they don't have this tough coating of carmelized cinnamon and sugar on the outside.
See the flattened Puppies? This is after I added another coat of cinnamon and sugar once they were fried.

Overall, Boyfriend and I agreed this was a learning experience so we know to fry them before rolling them in the sugar mixture and to not make them very big because they flatten out and become not-bite-sized. And they made enough for 3-4 people, with the cinnamon, sugar and syrup to dip them in, we couldn't handle all the sweetness by ourselves. We did decide we would definitely make them again and even maybe look into a small deep-fryer. Let me know how it ends up if you try them for yourselves!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Blue Scholars, Arlo and Bettie Page

My weekend was fan-tastic! It involved a concert, a baby, a pinup and some puppies.

Friday night, Boyfriend, Becky, Zoanna and I went to go see the Blue Scholars. They're a Seattle underground hip-hop duo who are actually getting bigger and bigger. The show was good, but took way too long! We got there around 8:30, found a table near the bar (thank god because it was all-ages) and listened to the openers Bambu and Gordon Voidwell. Gordon Voidwell was definitely an entertainer, but he's NOT really hip-hop. I don't think all the young'uns on the floor enjoyed him at all. One guy had this odd thing that was held kind of like a guitar but had all kinds of push buttons on the front of it. I tried over and over to get a good picture but my camera is a POS and it didn't happen.Here's the best I could get and if anyone knows what it is, please share!
After Gordon Voidwell was Common market who is awesome! And then after some mixer issues, Blue Scholars came on (a little after midnight! Don't they know I'm too old to stay up that late anymore!?!) If we hadn't been there for so long already, I wouldn't have been over it, but sadly, I was so once they did mine and B's favorite songs, The Ave (written about The Ave in the U-District) and Sagaba, we left.


 Becky, Me and Zoanna waiting for Blue Scholars

 No idea, you never really know with Boyfriend.

Entertaining ourselves waiting for Blue Scholars, we think it's hilarious to do this to eachother.

While at the concert,we got a call that Boyfriend's sister was finally in labor (a week late.) The next day we went and met B's first nephew, little Arlo:
Daddy, Baby and Uncle B

When we left the hospital we had a little time to kill so B decided to take a slight detour. He took me to this house:
Yes, that IS Bettie Page painted on the side of somebody's house! B found it in this youtube video of a Volkswagen driving throughout different parts of Western Washington, (he's working on building a Volkswagen from the frame up) and we thought it was kind of cool even though it is kind of.....odd, so we found it. And yes, I know B drives a station wagon with rims, don't even get me started....

Then Saturday night we met up with Becky again and watched Georges St. Pierre beat Hardy at UFC, I didn't take any pics :(

Sunday I tried to make the Pancake Puppies I raved about. Since I am THE Undomestic Chica and this blog is about my foray into becoming domestic, I thought I'd share but because this post is already so long, I'll share tomorrow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ask Me Anything

I'm late jumping on the bandwagon, but I've decided to wait until next week to start the Blog Crush feature and I promised myslef I'd post every day this week so I'm deciding I"m going to let you Ask Me Anything. Go ahead, I'm an open book. Originally I thought I didn't want all my personal biz out there but I'll answer any question that's not giving away any identifying information.

Happy Asking!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can't Take My Mind Off of You....

I've had a slight obsession with dresses lately. I get a bunch of fashion-related emails so, of course, my eyes popped when I saw these new dresses by 22 year-old Miami designer, Alexis Barbara:

I'm in love with the purple one on the left. This year, B doesn't have as many weddings to attend (last year it was some insane amount - 13 or something) and none of my friends are getting married but I kind of wish B had more so I could wear the dress.....although upon closer inspection, the back may not be really suitable for a wedding. And I'd like it to be longer - you can definitely tell the designer is some hot-young-thing from Miami. But, a girl can dream :)

This is what I walked in to find at my office this morning:

I opened it up to reveal.....

Another one of the jellyfish paperweights that I'm so obsessed with! So now I have a pink one for my bedroom and a blue one for my desk! I know it seems like I'm bragging about how much B spoils me, but I'm just so happy in my relationship (I never thought that would happen) that I can't help it :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lemonade Award

Thanks to Ashley Stone at As a Matter of Opinion for my Lemonade Award!

This is for blogs with great attitude and gratitude!

I'll pass it on to:
Meli Faif Life: She's adorable! (And Meli Faif for some reason, I can't comment on your posts, but I do still read, I swear!)
Meet the Stonekings: She's gorgeous and expecting too!
The Mercurial Wife: She's hilarious!

Enjoy ladies!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Teddy!

My little boy is four. That means he's 28! Ew. I just realized he's older than me, not cool. Anyway, I don't go all out and celebrate his birthday every year (although I do always buy him a present) but I hadn't seen my mom in quite awhile so we decided to us Teddy's birthday as an excuse to do lunch at her house on Sunday.

Yes, I know it looks like a prom picture but it's really hard to get a pic we both like, I'm still not thrilled with this one.

My little fam

Waiting for his next present.

We ate way too much food, and my mom made angelfood cake with strawberries for dessert (no, we didn't sing "happy birthday' we're not that crazy!) but it was fun to get together and hang out for  a bit.

Happy Birthday Teddy!


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