Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Takin' It Back to Da Old Skool

Friday Night, Boyfriend and I went to a concert featuring 90's R&B acts Shai, Silk, H Town (you know, the guys who sang Knockin' da Boots), Genuwine and KCi & JoJo!

This is how I remembered Shai.They ended up only having two guys, but they still did their song everyone loved "If I Ever Fall in Love." They were good, but could have used the other two guys to fill in some of the holes.
Silk only had four guys though. They did their hit songs "Meeting in My Bedroom," as well as "Freak Me," which is probably the most popular.They were good, and they were kind of funny, but the short guy in the front was kind of nasty sticking his tongue out making innuendos.
I REALLY need a new camera, but here's Silk now. They're still the good R&B group who dances and sings - so typical of the 90's.
H-Town was disappointing. Right away, the main guy, was making the stage hands clean all the water/sweat off the stage which is understandable since they were dancing. But then he was complaining about the lights, complaining about the smoke machine - he just came off like a punk.He came off like a punk during KCi and JoJo's set too, but I'll get to that later. The second guy  didn't even seem like he's supposed to be part of the group. You couldn't tell he was singing so it almost seemed like he just learned the dance routines and and was a "filler." The worst part was, the first guy put whipped cream on himself and came off the stage and down to the barrier so the girls in the front row could rub it all over him. I'm sorry, but you're a little old for that kind of thing.
Genuwine was actually really good. He sings really well, and you could tell he just really enjoyed what he does.
Genuwine - you should have seen his watch, and rings, talk about bling!
KCi and JoJo were good too. They did a lot of Jodeci songs since they're a part of Jodeci too. To make up for the other two members of Jodeci not being there, they asked the other guys who performed earlier to join them on stage and help out. Because there were so many people, there weren't enough mics but sure enough both guys from H-town had a mic (even the one who barely sings.) I kind of felt like they could have used just one mic and let one of the guys from Silk have one. 

One thing I enjoyed about Genuwine was you could tell that he respects KCi and JoJo as artists. He seemed like the young kid enjoying himself and having fun with all these older astists that he looks up to. H-Town on the other hand, was totally in the middle of the stage trying to be a main focus instead of letting KCi and JoJo have their moment the way all the artists did. And then the main guy gave Genuwine a dirty look when Genuwine asked to take a minute and point out that without Jodeci there wouldn't be any of the other groups onstage and they really paved the way for other artists to do their thing. Don't forget, H-Town, nobody knows any of your songs other than Knockin' da Boots.
I didn't get any good pictures of KCi and JoJo in the same shot!
KCi & JoJo also sang their own songs like "All My Life" and It's Real." Overall, the concert was really enjoyable. We were in the 3rd row, so we had a really good view. The things that amazes me was how crazy girls go for the artists still. It was a madhouse of girls trying to push their way up to the front and security trying to keep people out of the aisles.

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  1. Gurl, you really did take it back to the old skool. And I love it!!! You two are two of my kind. Love me some Genuine.!!! Pony makes me swoon....anyway, moving on. Sandbox Threads. They took the Michael Jackson down because they were mobbed with those requests. They are putting him back up next week. They just didn't want people to order and not be able to fulfill before Christmas. So, back next week. Go grab a blue one and a pink one. And one for momma and daddy too!!! Wishing you well friend.


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