Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lindsay Loves, Some Things I'm So-So About & Some I'm Not Too Thrilled With...Or, The Hair Edition

I've been using this TRESemmè heat protectant for awhile now, ran out, and just bought a new bottle and am reminded again why I love it!
First of all, it's like $5 or under at Target (Love Target!) I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day - I know it's bad, but I feel like my hair looks way too greasy if I don't shower and wash my hair. Anyway, after not using this for a few weeks and then using it again, I feel like I can already tell how much softer my hair is. I literally drench my hair in this stuff. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting a trendier haircut. I still want it long but I never curl it or do anything else with it so I might as well. I really like this girl's haircut although I don't wear my hair that big every day and I realize the brunette version wouldn't look the same. But then I tell myself I don't want to look like a crazed lion in the pics I know people will be taking of me in the hospital so maybe I should wait. And I usually hate having a lot of layers because my hair is wavy so maybe I should wait. But I keep getting the urge.....
TRESemmè Waterless Foam I only used it once so maybe I need to give it another try, but I don't feel like my hair looks as good as it does after I wash, blow dry and flat-iron it. I will definitely be giving it another try as I know my prep time will be reduced very soon.

I've been using Matrix Shampoo for awhile now. I like it way better than the Frederic Fekkai shampoo I originally bought (more on that later.) First I used this one for brunettes that the beauty supply never seems to carry, then I switched to this one because I get fly-aways that drive me crazy.  I switched to this Joico one and although it's okay, I think I'll switch back to Matrix when the Joico is finished.

I just recently bought the Joico Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time. I kind of wanted to try  the Matrix Amplify but was talked into this instead. I have a lot of fine hair so I was hoping the Matrix Amplify would help give it a little body. The Joico stuff came with the K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor. 
I was told the Shampoo and Conditioner would definitely give me body and the recontructer would do wonders for my ends. I don't see a difference. The shampoo definitely makes my hair feel clean, I don't feel like the conditioner is as good as the Matrix and the Reconstructor seems to be doing nothing. I see a bigger difference with my TRESemme heat protectant.

I bought this Frederic Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner awhile ago and hated it! You'd think for $30something I'd get a good product but I felt like my hair was not clean at all. I ended up throwing away the shampoo and conditioner. Maybe it just wasn't what my hair needed but I'm very upset I wasted a Sephora gift card on it.

I was sure this stuff would be the bees knees, after all, Liz uses it. I ordered it from Sephora, used it once and wasn't able to use it again. Why? Because whatever gas that makes the aerosol had leaked out or something! It was like the bottle was completely empty. Again, I was very disappointed I wasted a Sephora gift card.

Woah. that was much longer than I expected. I'm always down to hear about new hair products, what are some of your faves?


  1. Sephora should have refunded you for the hairspray! My mom's salon sometimes has this happen to products and they refund the customer and then send them back to the supplier where they will send them a new product!

  2. I tried the Matrix Amplify when I was about 24 and it really worked on my hair (at least from what I can remember). You should try it. I have also used the Color shampoo from Matrix and liked it as well. Joico has a heat protector spray that is the bomb and the only reason that I am not still using it is because it cost more that I am willing to pay right now. I used Silk Elememts and I also like Ion for heat protection which you can get both from Sally's. My ultimate fave shampoo though is Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny!!!! Love, love, love. The shampoo and conditioner are the bomb and the serum is so awesome mainly because it reduces your blow drying time, but can also just be good for the day to day uses too. You should try. Cool post! :o)

  3. ahhhhh I had the best joico stuff but quit using it because its wayyyyyy too expensive (David started using it... what a pain!) lol I'll have to look it up...

    Don't cut your hair yet... wait until you see what you are able to do with your hair with two newborns!!!!!!

  4. i LOVE the tresemme heat protectant! all my hair products are tresemme!

  5. I love redken all soft shampoo/conditioner I have really thick and dry hair and it works wonders.

    Moraccanoil curl creme for the curly haired days

  6. Fixing hair takes sooooo long. :( I usually just throw it in a ponytail because I'm entirely too lazy for the washing/drying/straightening process.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I will def be checking some of these out in the future.

  8. I went out and got the heat Spray by Tresemme that you talked about first and I gotta say I love it! what a great price!


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