Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lindsay Loves: Eyeliner Edition

I may be late on this product, but I found the most amazing eyeliner over the weekend. I'm one of those girls who lines the inner rim of her bottom lid because I'm completely inept at getting eyeliner close enough to my eyelashes if I try to do it the normal way. I've been using a black Covergirl eye pencil for ages but by the time 3pm rolls around, I look like a druggie who's been hit a few times in the eyes.

The Tarte emphasEYES™ natural high definition inner rim eyeliner pencil is the most amazing eyeliner I have found in a while. I first used it Sunday. I applied it around noon, took a short nap later in the afternoon and at 11pm, my inner rim was STILL lined - without touching up during the day!  

What are your favorite beauty products?


  1. Girl I was just thinking....I have not seen a post from Linds....hmmm??? Wonder if the babes came early??? Glad to know they are still hanging tough. Like this eye liner...lol!!!

  2. So you'd say it's worth the 20 some bucks? I have bought a few things you have reviewed.. :)

    I have been using Rimmel eye liner FOR EV ER ! I use a lighter to soften the tip, but as you mentioned, by the end of the day I look like someone really smudged the heck out of my eyes! I also line the inner part of my eyes, I think it looks funny on girls that line them underneath! just my opinion :)

  3. I use mac eyeliner in the jars and apply it with a brush. It's so much easier for me than a pencil. My all time favorite must have makeup item is benefit bad gal lash mascara and of course blush. I love Mary Kay and Mac blush the best.

  4. No babies yet, Melifaif!

    CMae, I didn't realize it was $20 as my step mom gave it to me so mine was free, but when mine runs out I'll def be getting more - $20 or not!

    I also use Mac eyeliner to line my upper lid, but when I tried to do my lower lid, I couldn't get it close enough to my lashes!


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