Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is This Seriously My Car?!?

Yesterday we installed the car seats in my car. We have birthing classes all day this weekend and this is the only other time I knew I'd be home before the daylight goes away. The only issue is, my car is compact and the carseats are a little bigger than I expected - it didn't even occur to me that they might not fit! So the level thingy says the one behind my seat is not level. I'm really worried I might have to get another new car (new to me at least) which is a huge unexpected expense.

Just another day at the office:) I try not to talk about work here because you always hear about people getting fired for ish like that but this is too fun not to share. I received this hoody this morning to help promote the new Yogi Bear movie but I didn't keep wearing it because today my hair is big and I wanted to keep it that way. Luckily my co-worker didn't feel the same.


  1. What kind of car do you have??? We had the girls with our truck... but I remember Ariels infant carrier didn't fit inside Danielle's car... lol...

    Now we have a civic... there is no way another baby would fit between the two boosters....

    Maybe its time to get a new car!!!

    Or... what about boyfriends car??

  2. I'm NOT driving Boyfriend's car. It's his thing. As much as he says, "It's only a car," he would be devastated if anything happened to it because he's put so much time and effort into it. We're going to make do for now, and maybe in a year or two get a different one.


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