Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boyfriend Found A Surprise

Boyfriend's totally nesting trying to get the house mostly finished before the babies come. Monday night, he found this nice little gem:
 Can't tell what it is? It vinyl flooring supposed to look like a rug!
The salmon colored walls are a nice added touch too.
Someday this will be a nice closet!
Boyfriend's turning what used to be  a storage space in his carport into a small hallway and walk in closet. He ripped the existing closet out of his room and found this flooring underneath! What were they thinking?!?


  1. Ooh that's snazzy! I found some pretty wonderful old vinyl under carpeting in my house too!

  2. They probably weren't thinking. Stoned in the 70's????

  3. Personally... I love it!!!!!!! You can mop the rug!!! Perfect!

  4. OMG the vinyl flooring "rug" is HEINOUS!!!!!!

    seriously some things need to stay in the past. make that go bye bye and do it fast. lol.


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