Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions

What a whirlwind this last year has been! My relationship with Boyfriend is completely different (in a good way!) than it was at this time last year and now we're going to be parents - to two little boys! I moved out of my apartment and into his house, he's been working so hard on his house that it looks like a completely different place....seriously. I would definitely say this year has been the year of changes for me, way more than any other year.

I'm so grateful for the way this year has turned out and know that the beginning of this year will be so much better than the beginning of last year so I'm not making resolutions. I'm just going to enjoy the year and whatever it may bring. How about you? What are your resolutions?

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung By the Fire With Care......

Wow! I can't believe it's already Wednesday and I'm just getting around to posting about Christmas. Christmas Eve we went to Boyfriend's sister's house for a white elephant gift exchange and dinner. I ate a lot! The gift exchange was fun, B and I pulled a fast one on everyone because B's mom's boyfriend stole B's gift and he was kind of bummed so I told B to steal mine then I could steal the gift B originally had back and it couldn't be stolen again :) We ended up with the neck massager I brought and a pair of wool gloves/mittens which will be good for B when he does his outside work. It was fun playing with his nieces and nephew, and the babies were spoiled! They got some pajamas, some outfits, some Babylegs (boy ones of course) and Boyfriend's neighbors made them some WSU baby blankets - B loves them.
One of B's nieces

Christmas morning was busy 'cause first we opened each other's presents at our house then we went to my Grandma's to open presents from my dad and step-mom then we went to my mom's house. B wasn't supposed to buy me anything since I considered our trip to the Edgewater and the pearl earrings he gave me a few weeks ago my present but he surprised me with one of my favorite movies (Selena) and another pair of sneakers.

I wondered what B had up his sleeve because when he came home from shopping one day he told me I couldn't look; he got me another present 'cause his first one got trumped. I was soooo curious as to how his present got trumped. It turns out that he had bought me Selena and didn't know that I asked to borrow my step-mom's copy to take to the hospital with me so when he saw it at the the house he thought I found my copy again. He was pretty bummed, so even though I made him promise not to spend money on me, he bought the pair of shoes too.
My two boys - Boyfriend and Teddy.
It's not a Boppy, but the belt he wanted.
Boyfriend was being very difficult and only telling me he wanted a belt for Christmas. I finally decided just to be lame and get him a Lowe's gift card. He's been doing so much work on the house, I figured it would be helpful to have a little of the cost come out of someone else's pocket.
The stockings were hung by the fire with care.....
Okay so the above picture makes us look really dorky. Well, we are but here's the story: when we were in Leavenworth, Boyfriend was stoked to find a shop that actually carried those DVDs of fireplaces. For years and years he worked at Blockbuster and was telling his family about how he went above and beyond and shipped one of the VHS tapes to a mom who lived across the country because her child was afraid Santa wouldn't come without a fire and fireplace - except they didn't have a fireplace, the tape was her solution. Boyfriend was about to spend $20something for this tape when I swore to him we could probably find it on Amazon. I surprised him with it one afternoon and we seriously haven't used it other than the day we got it to test it out and on Christmas. It's not like we sit in front of the TV, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas Carols or anything.
Boyfriend spoiled me with breakfast.
Checking out my sister's present

Grandma, Sister, me and Teddy. Teddy thinks Grandma has a treat.
We thought it was really funny to put Teddy's new toy on his stub of a tail, when he wagged his tail, the toy wagged too.

Boyfriend also thought it was funny to put Teddy's new sweater over his head like the dog from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Poor Teddy.

My mom's one of those people  who always has cute tablescapes, with matching dishes and everything, it drives me bananas that I didn't inherit any of her talent. 
Finally the food is ready!
We literally watched Man vs. Food for hours. For some reason, my mom's ham took over four hours to cook. I think the temp on her oven is messed up or something. It was definitely worth the wait though. The ham was good, we had sparkling cider, good pies afterward - it was perfect! 
After dinner, I gave my mom her present. She'd be pretty angry if I posted her pic on here (she never likes pics of herself,) but I gave her one of those Shutterfly books  filled with pictures of my sister and I when we were little. She loved it. I'd definitely suggest giving a family member one if you ever need a gift idea.

Then my sister took a ton of pics of me and B because I didn't like most of them.
Comparing stomachs. I win!

My sister said look tough - B can't be serious.
Congrats to you if you read this seriously looooooong post! Hope your Christmas was good!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lindsay Loves: Eyeliner Edition

I may be late on this product, but I found the most amazing eyeliner over the weekend. I'm one of those girls who lines the inner rim of her bottom lid because I'm completely inept at getting eyeliner close enough to my eyelashes if I try to do it the normal way. I've been using a black Covergirl eye pencil for ages but by the time 3pm rolls around, I look like a druggie who's been hit a few times in the eyes.

The Tarte emphasEYES™ natural high definition inner rim eyeliner pencil is the most amazing eyeliner I have found in a while. I first used it Sunday. I applied it around noon, took a short nap later in the afternoon and at 11pm, my inner rim was STILL lined - without touching up during the day!  

What are your favorite beauty products?

Friday, December 17, 2010

What I've Always Wanted

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; 
remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for....
Pre-prgnancy - look how tan I was!
One of my friends posted this on facebook recently and it really resonated with me. I've been really hard on B lately wishing he was more affectionate. I feel loved when I get affection but I need to remember that he has done a lot for me over the last two years and he shows his love in his own way. Do I wish he was more affectionate? Absolutely. But he is so kind, and caring, and funny, and cute, and compassionate, and patient, and is so much of what I've always wanted in a guy that I need to back off and not be as hard as him as I am on myself.   

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Boyfriend Found A Surprise

Boyfriend's totally nesting trying to get the house mostly finished before the babies come. Monday night, he found this nice little gem:
 Can't tell what it is? It vinyl flooring supposed to look like a rug!
The salmon colored walls are a nice added touch too.
Someday this will be a nice closet!
Boyfriend's turning what used to be  a storage space in his carport into a small hallway and walk in closet. He ripped the existing closet out of his room and found this flooring underneath! What were they thinking?!?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Takin' It Back to Da Old Skool

Friday Night, Boyfriend and I went to a concert featuring 90's R&B acts Shai, Silk, H Town (you know, the guys who sang Knockin' da Boots), Genuwine and KCi & JoJo!

This is how I remembered Shai.They ended up only having two guys, but they still did their song everyone loved "If I Ever Fall in Love." They were good, but could have used the other two guys to fill in some of the holes.
Silk only had four guys though. They did their hit songs "Meeting in My Bedroom," as well as "Freak Me," which is probably the most popular.They were good, and they were kind of funny, but the short guy in the front was kind of nasty sticking his tongue out making innuendos.
I REALLY need a new camera, but here's Silk now. They're still the good R&B group who dances and sings - so typical of the 90's.
H-Town was disappointing. Right away, the main guy, was making the stage hands clean all the water/sweat off the stage which is understandable since they were dancing. But then he was complaining about the lights, complaining about the smoke machine - he just came off like a punk.He came off like a punk during KCi and JoJo's set too, but I'll get to that later. The second guy  didn't even seem like he's supposed to be part of the group. You couldn't tell he was singing so it almost seemed like he just learned the dance routines and and was a "filler." The worst part was, the first guy put whipped cream on himself and came off the stage and down to the barrier so the girls in the front row could rub it all over him. I'm sorry, but you're a little old for that kind of thing.
Genuwine was actually really good. He sings really well, and you could tell he just really enjoyed what he does.
Genuwine - you should have seen his watch, and rings, talk about bling!
KCi and JoJo were good too. They did a lot of Jodeci songs since they're a part of Jodeci too. To make up for the other two members of Jodeci not being there, they asked the other guys who performed earlier to join them on stage and help out. Because there were so many people, there weren't enough mics but sure enough both guys from H-town had a mic (even the one who barely sings.) I kind of felt like they could have used just one mic and let one of the guys from Silk have one. 

One thing I enjoyed about Genuwine was you could tell that he respects KCi and JoJo as artists. He seemed like the young kid enjoying himself and having fun with all these older astists that he looks up to. H-Town on the other hand, was totally in the middle of the stage trying to be a main focus instead of letting KCi and JoJo have their moment the way all the artists did. And then the main guy gave Genuwine a dirty look when Genuwine asked to take a minute and point out that without Jodeci there wouldn't be any of the other groups onstage and they really paved the way for other artists to do their thing. Don't forget, H-Town, nobody knows any of your songs other than Knockin' da Boots.
I didn't get any good pictures of KCi and JoJo in the same shot!
KCi & JoJo also sang their own songs like "All My Life" and It's Real." Overall, the concert was really enjoyable. We were in the 3rd row, so we had a really good view. The things that amazes me was how crazy girls go for the artists still. It was a madhouse of girls trying to push their way up to the front and security trying to keep people out of the aisles.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

My appointment with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist went really well today. She thinks that Baby A is just a smaller baby and because they have good fluid pockets, are very active and are practicing breathing and sucking there's no need for bed rest! I'll find out for sure at my doctor appointment Wednesday but I bet if she's not worried he won't be either.

By their measurements Baby A is 3.15 and baby B is 5.6 pounds. BUT Baby A averages 31 weeks in measurements and Baby B averages 34. She explained to me that their measurements could be off  +or- 3 weeks so A could be between 27-34 weeks and B could be 31-37 weeks. That's a huge range and a huge space for error so she said unless A was averaging 27 or 28 weeks, she's not worried. She said this week (week 34) is the last big humps and if the babies decided to come net week, the doctors wouldn't try and stop labor like they would if they came this week. I can't wait to meet them! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Potentially Bad News

This is what I do one day a week - a Non Stress Test. I lay down with three monitors attached to me. Two of them measure the babies' heartbeats, the pink one measures for contractions. And then I get a button to push each time I feel a baby move. Do you know how often I push that button!?!

I started getting NSTs at 31 weeks just because I'm having twins and they're considered high risk automatically. That one turned out really good. the last two have determined that I'm having contractions. But I don't feel them and I'm not dialating at all (thank God!) so instead they're considering my uterus "irritable."

I had another ultrasound last Friday and the findings are that baby A weights 3.13lb, and Baby B is 4.6lb. That's quite a difference for twins so the doctor is sending me to a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist who will determine if they agree with the findings, on Monday. If they do - I will go on bedrest in the hopes that I will carry them to 35 or 36 weeks and then I will be induced. Last week, they were hoping I would carry to 36 or 37 weeks but I guess that's too much to hope for now. Looks like I may have my babies before the new year - I just hope they're healthy and don't have to stay in the NICU at all!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ready For This To Be Over

33 weeks

I have to admit, I don't love being pregnant. I never have really. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeling the babies moving inside me and wouldn't trade that feeling for anything, but I'm not one of those people who looks great, feels great and is positively glowing.

I've mentioned before that my legs and feet swelled almost from the minute I got pregnant. This makes wearing cute things like boots nearly impossible. I mean, how fun is winter without being able to wear boots?

I've gained a lot more weight than I should have. I know I'll gain more than average because I'm having two, but I've gained even more than I should with twins, this makes wearing my normal clothes difficult. I can't wait to be able to wear more than the 8-10 shirts I currently have to rotate and go back to my less-limited wardrobe.
Lie my photoshop skills? I used my head from a different pic, and you can totally tell! You can really see how big I am here.
I'm very tired of people making comments about what or how much I'm eating. Right after Halloween, one guy told me, "You've got quite the pumpkin under there." I'm pregnant, I wonder what his excuse is? After I almost collided with another co-worker when we both walked around the corner, she said, "Holy food pregnant lady!" While looking at the pot roast in my hand.I didn't even eat all f it! And so what if I did? It's not up to people to point out how much I'm eating, and it annoys me. I guess this is what I get for not having strangers think it's okay to touch my belly, I get this instead.

The worse part is, at 8 months, I'm just plain uncomfortable. Boyfriend and I have been sleeping in separate bedrooms almost from the time I moved in because I toss and turn so much and I felt bad keeping him up when he gets up at 4am every day. I'm ready to have our closeness back. Baby B is positioned transversely so his butt/legs are often up in my ribs making bending at all very uncomfy and Baby A is almost always bumping my bladder causing me to have the fear that I may one day pee my pants which terrifies me - especially if it happens in public. Even sitting on the couch to watch a movie I'm only comfortably for 15 minutes tops. Then I toss and turn trying to get comfortable again. I don't actually get acid reflux, but I feel like I'm about to have it constantly. I literally carry a bottle of Tums around in my purse. Since I've never had heartburn or acid reflux before, this is a very annoying side affect of my pregnancy.

I don 't mean for this to be a bitch fest, I know a lot of these reasons seem very superficial and I know I will probably look back on this time with fond memories but I'm very ready to meet my little boys. Time has flown by but all along I've been so very excited to meet them. And, all I've heard from people is how they love/loved being pregnant so I want others to know that if you don't love being pregnant, you're not alone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: I Baked

Friday night, Boyfriend and  I made these cupcakes for the Apple Cup Party we went to Saturday. (If you've read my blog for awhile, you know the Apple Cup is a rivalry between UW and WSU.) We stayed up until midnight making them which made getting up at 7am for our labor & delivery class the next day a nightmare, but it was okay because, not to toot my own horn or anything (toot toot) they were delicious!

I'd originally seen some similar cupcakes in What's New Cupcake, but they used mini chocolate donuts on top and I wasn't sure how they'd taste frosted. Instead I used an apple spice recipe (how fitting, right?) I found online with brown sugar buttercream. I didn't taste them until we got to the party so I really hoped they didn't suck but they turned out to be a hit. I'm pretty proud of us.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lindsay Loves, Some Things I'm So-So About & Some I'm Not Too Thrilled With...Or, The Hair Edition

I've been using this TRESemmè heat protectant for awhile now, ran out, and just bought a new bottle and am reminded again why I love it!
First of all, it's like $5 or under at Target (Love Target!) I blow dry and flat iron my hair every day - I know it's bad, but I feel like my hair looks way too greasy if I don't shower and wash my hair. Anyway, after not using this for a few weeks and then using it again, I feel like I can already tell how much softer my hair is. I literally drench my hair in this stuff. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about getting a trendier haircut. I still want it long but I never curl it or do anything else with it so I might as well. I really like this girl's haircut although I don't wear my hair that big every day and I realize the brunette version wouldn't look the same. But then I tell myself I don't want to look like a crazed lion in the pics I know people will be taking of me in the hospital so maybe I should wait. And I usually hate having a lot of layers because my hair is wavy so maybe I should wait. But I keep getting the urge.....
TRESemmè Waterless Foam I only used it once so maybe I need to give it another try, but I don't feel like my hair looks as good as it does after I wash, blow dry and flat-iron it. I will definitely be giving it another try as I know my prep time will be reduced very soon.

I've been using Matrix Shampoo for awhile now. I like it way better than the Frederic Fekkai shampoo I originally bought (more on that later.) First I used this one for brunettes that the beauty supply never seems to carry, then I switched to this one because I get fly-aways that drive me crazy.  I switched to this Joico one and although it's okay, I think I'll switch back to Matrix when the Joico is finished.

I just recently bought the Joico Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner for the first time. I kind of wanted to try  the Matrix Amplify but was talked into this instead. I have a lot of fine hair so I was hoping the Matrix Amplify would help give it a little body. The Joico stuff came with the K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor. 
I was told the Shampoo and Conditioner would definitely give me body and the recontructer would do wonders for my ends. I don't see a difference. The shampoo definitely makes my hair feel clean, I don't feel like the conditioner is as good as the Matrix and the Reconstructor seems to be doing nothing. I see a bigger difference with my TRESemme heat protectant.

I bought this Frederic Fekkai Shampoo and Conditioner awhile ago and hated it! You'd think for $30something I'd get a good product but I felt like my hair was not clean at all. I ended up throwing away the shampoo and conditioner. Maybe it just wasn't what my hair needed but I'm very upset I wasted a Sephora gift card on it.

I was sure this stuff would be the bees knees, after all, Liz uses it. I ordered it from Sephora, used it once and wasn't able to use it again. Why? Because whatever gas that makes the aerosol had leaked out or something! It was like the bottle was completely empty. Again, I was very disappointed I wasted a Sephora gift card.

Woah. that was much longer than I expected. I'm always down to hear about new hair products, what are some of your faves?


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