Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was....interesting. You'll see what I mean in a minute. Saturday I went to this lovely lady's baby shower

She's about two weeks behind me and having a girl so we're super excited for play dates.

Saturday night we went to Boyfriend's sister's sister-in-law's wedding. Got that? And this is where the night gets interesting. The wedding was held in Union Station which is ginormous and gorgeous. We were in the back row and, because of the echoing, couldn't hear a thing. At one point B thought the oficiant was speaking another language - he wasn't.

The reception was also held in Union Station, and they did an amazing job with decorations. I didn't take any pictures but the center pieces were a mix of these small trees with candles hanging off them and just a ton of candles.
 Then they had this guy, Jesse Case, do stand up comedy. Apparently he was on Last Comic Standing awhile back and the bride and groom really wanted him to perform even though he told them he's never done comedy at a wedding and he'd end up ruining their wedding. They insisted, so he obliged. Right off the bat, he made a comment about the bride's boobs. And then followed it with how she's used to getting rear-ended. From there he did a bunch of other jokes that had nothing to do with the wedding party or marriage in general so it really wasn't that bad, but it definitely made for a memorable wedding!

The wedding also had a dance contest, a slide show, and a ton of alcohol. This is definitely one we won't forget!


  1. I was watching a show on tv about weddings... lol, funny cause i didn't have one! But, as you were leaving, a waiter/waitress handed you a "midnight snack" and it was a shot glass with chocolate milkshake in it, and a little container of fries.... just to polish things off.... totally should have had a wedding, cause that would have been AMAZING!!!!!

  2. Sounds like a crazy wedding!!

  3. Holy shit. Can these people plan my wedding? I'd like to toast with Natty Light, please and thank you.

  4. It was crazy! But fun at the same time. The venue was really cool and the bride and groom seem like fun people.

  5. sounds like a pretty awewsome wedding! you must post pics.

  6. Okay that's pretty hilarious. How did the bride react to the boobs comment? I wanna see pics!


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