Friday, November 26, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

Hi friends! How was your Thankgiving? Mine was pretty good, I'm sure I'll share more next week. Anychangingthesubjectway, How cute are these ornaments?
 They're from Crate and Barrel and totally help me get in the Christmas spirit. I must have some for our tree, if we put one up. I'm not sure we will this year ( a tragedy, I know) but with the babies coming I just don't have a ton of energy, and we have a pretty small house, I'm not sure where we'd put a tree.

I am in to the Christmas spirit way more than Halloween though. I didn't do any Halloween decorating this year! I moved into Boyfriend's around October 1st so I was way more interested in putting stuff away than decorating the house for Halloween.

But anyway, I'm into the Christmas spirit already although I always make myself wait until December 1st to decorate or play Christmas music. It's been really hard to refrain with all the snow we've had. Seattle got snow before Thanksgiving - that never happens! 

It started Monday night and went well into Tuesday. I left my car at work and rode home with Boyfriend and then came in with him on Tuesday and Wednesday - at 5am! I am SO not a morning person, I don't know how he does it every day. I really love snow, but I know I can't drive in it so I don't. Teddy's been enjoying it too.
Apparently red-eye reduction only works when the eyes are actually red. Stupid Photoshop!
Yes, he's wearing a jogging-suit-type-thing. B bought it on sale months ago and I was like, "Ugh, that's stupid." But for a dog who doesn't like to get wet, it's been really helpful. What about you? Do you have snow where you are?


  1. I don't have snow. however, its cold as all get out here today... we have strong winds and the wind chill makes it like 16 degrees...


    Love you girl! I think you should but a little tree, on an end table!!! no ornaments required!

  2. Goodness, it seems like every blogger besides yours truly has snow!! I'm still waiting over here....


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