Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last Chance at Love Part 2

Saturday was wonderful! I got up super early, like I usually do, took a bath in the room's bathtub and then took a nap after breakfast. I got the Edgwater's waffles (can you believe that's the first time I'd ordered room service?) and it was delicious!

After my nap we decided to make like tourists and head to Pink Place Market. It was only a short 7 block walk so we hoofed it in the crisp, salty, Seattle air.
Pike  Place is that place Seattle's known for where the guys throw the fish.It's basically a big farmers market, heavy on the seafood, but it sells other stuff too, like fruits and fresh doughnuts. The line for the doughnuts was crazy long, but we did buy some saltwater taffy. 

Only one of the many seafood vendors
Boyfriend barely comes up to the tallest man's waist. B's 6'1" this guy was 8'11" or something crazy like that.
 There's all kind of shops and stuff too: a card & coin shop, movie memorabilia shop, all kinds of ethnic goods, jewelry, Market Spice tea shop (Yum! May fave.) 

When we were in this one Native American Jewelry shop, I mentioned that I couldn't find my pearls from the two pearls one oyster story. Boyfriend seemed so unconcerned when he pointed out that we've been doing a lot of work on the house and they'll turn up eventually. I don't want them eventually, I want them now!
 Seattle has these pigs in different places all over the city. Last year when we went on the Market Ghost Tour, B and I had our picture taken by this one so we had to do it again. Unfortunately the wind picked up as soon as I got on there and this is the best of the three he took of me.
On the walk home, B suggested we go to Starbucks. The one we were near had kind of a long line so we decided to go to the very first one ever opened. BAD idea! The line was out the door so we were like, "No big deal, we're in Seattle, we'll find another." And we didn't pass another Starbucks the whole walk back to the hotel!
Seattle wouldn't be complete without street musicians. This one played the harmonica, sang, hula hooped, played the guitar and even balanced the guitar on his chin while hula hooping. It was pretty fun watching him.

We went to a delicious dinner that night but that's tomorrow's post!


  1. hmmmm...

    Do you think B is doing something special with your twin pearls???

    LMAO! I totally wrote twin diamonds first.... hint hint, boyfriend!!!

  2. And thanks for making me miss Seattle....

    Buy a minivan and prepare for my visit... somehow, we're going to need to get 8 people into a vehicle for a trip to Seattle... together!!!!

    BUY A BUS!!!!

  3. Mmmm Seattle!!

    I am so gosh darn jealous... it's on my list of places to visit for sure! Sure sounds like you had a great time! :)


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