Monday, November 22, 2010

It's The Last Dance, Last Chance At Love!

I had been good all week and not asked Boyfriend any questions about my surprise weekend other than the necessary ones like, "What should we do with Teddy?" and "Will you tell me what to pack?" He had told me almost a month before to save the weekend for him but that's all he would tell me. We ended up at the Edgwater in Seattle!
 Why they call it the Edgwater, its literally built on poles coming from the water.

It was nice to get away one last time before the babies come.
Our room even had a fireplace.
And a bathtub! I've never stayed in a nice hotel and have always told B I wanted to stay somewhere with a nice bathtub.
This little footstool hung out in front of the fireplace. Like it? You can buy one for $350!

Friday night, we decided to go see a co-worker do comedy at Jai Thai on Broadway. It was....interesting. Apparently it was open mic night and most of the guys were NOT funny. The most interesting one came last. 

There were two dragons painted on the wall behind the little stage the  comedians were using. People made the obvious jokes about Ed Hardy painting them, etc. But then the last guy gets up and makes up this scene where the two dragons don't want to go in the water and they get pulled over by the police, have tourettes and have crack on them. 

He literally did not look at the audience at all. We all think he must have been on crack or something and it was so ridiculous that it got to the point where people were pulling out their phones and taping him. The guys running the comedy thing were laughing and kind of looking at each other like, "What the F do we do now?" 

Enjoy the video below of this guy, but understand that the laughing is not 'cause he was funny, it's 'cause people were laughing AT the guy and how awkward the situation was. 


  1. how fun! :) the place looks beautiful and comfy cozy all at the same time!
    sorry to hear the comedians were not funny, what a bummer.

  2. Next time you go on vacation.... i'm coming with you!!!! let boyfriend know!!!!


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