Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Finally Friday!

TGIF right?! This week has been so busy and I'm ex.haust.ed. Wednesday I worked the Usher Concert then actually watched the concert. It was really good! He opened the show right in front of us. Literally. The dancers were distracting people to the stage when all of a sudden the lights flash to Usher on a platform right in front of my section. And we were in row 12 so we had a really good view.
Opener Trey Songz

We didn't expect Usher to be right in front of us

He did a lot of his older, familiar songs which was fun. It seems like a lot of artists try and promote their newest album so they do songs people aren't as familiar with. He DID do OMG and DJ got Us Fallin' in Love but also Nice and Slow, My Boo, Burn, Confessions, I Need a Girl and all his other good ones - except he didn't do My Way! :(

Yesterday, my work threw us a Baby Shower. We got a bunch of other presents but we also got enough in Babies R Us gift cards to buy our double stroller!

Please ignore my nastiness, I worked 10 hours the days before and my body literally felt like a wet noodle all day. I had NO energy!


  1. Awesome!!!! I'm so glad you're able to get your double stroller!!!!!!

    I wish I hadn't thrown mine away... I would have sent it to you so you could have had an extra!!! :-)

  2. USHER? I'm so jealouuuuus. I would have screamed like a crazy person, definitely fainted during Dj's Got Us Falling in Love. Hahaha. Happy for you, glad you had a great time :)

  3. Looks like you work with some pretty great people! You look so adorable!


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