Friday, November 19, 2010


Did this week draaaaag by to anyone else? It's been pretty uneventful so maybe that's what did it. Last Friday I had another ultrasound. Because it's twins I get them every week. B couldn't go so I asked my mom and sister to go. The boys are my mom's first grandkids so she was thrilled to go.

The ultrasound tech took all the normal pictures: heart, head, bladder, kidneys, etc. Then she got their faces!
This is  Baby A, he was making a sucking motion when we saw him - it was so cute!

They're  already fighting 'cause this is Baby B's face. Baby A was blocking it with something but basically B's face is on the left. You can barely make out an eye. 

I also had a regular doctor appointment on Wednesday and I'm measuring 36 weeks - but I'm only 30!!! I know it's normal to measure bigger with twins, but I can only imagine how much bigger I'm going to get!


  1. Oh good Lord, Momma. Yes, you can only will.blow.your.mind. Best wishes.

  2. so exciting!! and how awesome and amazing that you get to see your babes every week!! :)
    i hope these last few weeks go quick for you hun and that you are not too uncomfortable yet.

  3. I wanna see belly pics!!! I'm sure it's growing so fast :)

  4. Baby A looks like his DADDY!!!!!!!!!!

    I like that they are already fighting... Time to start your stock pile of ace bandages and peroxide!!!! lol

  5. awe thats so exciting you get to see them every week! I was measuring 3 weeks ahead for a long time with my one baby if it makes you feel any better haha

  6. My twins are almost 5 - and I was HUGE, I mean HUGE at the end! You are in the Seattle area right? Have you heard of EMOMS? If not, be sure to check them is a great group with a ton of great benefits ( And if you have any twin questions, don't hesitate to ask!



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