Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Present That's Actually for Me!

I'm thrilled to get presents for the boys, I really am. It feels like Christmas for me even though the presents are not actually for me. At my baby shower, I was telling my step sister that it's funny how nothing is ever for you the minute you get pregnant. People will text me with, I got you something today. I'll ask if it's for me or the babies and the response has always been: the babies. And I'm okay with that, I really am.

But how excited was I to get this in the mail yesterday from Sara Swears a Lot?
We bonded recently over our love for the movie Clueless and I just randomly received this in the mail! Thanks Sara!


  1. Awesome!!!!!

    It hasn't been about me for YEARS..... :-( But, the girls are pretty awesome, so I'm okay with that!

  2. that's a pretty awesome gift! now you can share many conversations quoting the movies. woohoo fun stuff!!

  3. "You're a VIRGIN who can't DRIVE."

    Everyone deserves a random present every once in a while! (Even if it DOES take two months to get to you..... )

  4. Hey thanks for commenting on my blog lately! I'm your newest follower too!

    So. freaking. weird. that you're posting about Clueless, the other day in conversation someone threw me a "that was way harsh Tye." I giggled and have been dying to watch it!

  5. Sara, it coming "late" makes it that much better, I didn't expect it!


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