Monday, October 25, 2010


This weekend I started working on the Thank You Cards from my shower. I completely forgot to take pics, but I think they'll be pretty cute. I take pics when they're done for sure.

Sunday we took our hospital tour, and now I'm even more overwhelmed. I'm really afraid the babies will be a month early and we found out the only available birthing classes are on December 4th and 5th.Talk about cutting it close!

BUT....I got the nursery all taped off finally so we started the painting process this weekend. Remember this room? Well, we literally painted it just last Halloween, and now it's to be the nursery so we're painting again. I really loved the gray walls and wanted to find gray bedding, but gray is not a popular baby color. So last night the primer process was started:

I'd put some things in the Pack N Play that I didn't quite have a place for in the closet yet, but then we couldn't get the Pack N Play through the doorway! It was kind of annoying having to move the Pack N Play around the room so it wouldn't get paint on it.

B's not happy about having to paint the room, but he gets his garage to play in, I get the babies room....That's the way it goes.
All primered and ready for paint!

It was kind of sad watching the gray go away.

I'm hoping he'll paint while I'm at work today (he gets off waaaay earlier than I do) but the inspector came this morning and finally approved all the electrical in the garage so I have a feeling he'll be tinkering in the garage instead.


  1. Cant wait to see the finished product! I bet it will look great! You guys have SO much baby stuff aleady :)

  2. Only because of my shower. We've been given a bunch of clothes by my GM too. I've barely bought anything so without all the gifts/donations we'd have nothing except cribs!

  3. I'm gonna call him TINKER-MAN...think he'll like it? Ha. What color on the walls?

  4. I don't think he has a choice :)

    Technically, they're Macadamia Nut, but basically a light tan. Since step by step photos are kind of boring, I thought I'd post pics once we get the bedding and stuff set up.


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