Monday, October 18, 2010

Mycle Wastman

Friday night, I found out this singer B and I like, Mycle Wastman was performing at the Edgwater in Seattle. Even though B had a ton of dry-walling to do still, he'd been wanting to see Mycle Wastman live so he agreed to go. So I stuffed my swollen legs into some cute jeans and heels and off we went to downtown Seattle.

I had never been to the Edgewater so it was fun to go somewhere new. The Edgwater's the hotel where the Beatles fished out the window in Seattle so it was cool to see Beatles memorabilia inside, but mostly it was fun to enjoy the music.

He did a lot of songs, but we left before he did one of my favorites. It was freezing cold by the time we left but well worth it.
(The video below is not from that night, I found it on youtube.)

On a completely different note, I drank only pineapple juice at the Edgwater and it was $3.50! It was also in one of the small glasses with a ton of ice. If you're not drinking alcohol, get water, but even then they'll bring it to you in another small glass.

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