Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Little This a Little That

Yesterday we received our changing table back. I bought it a few months ago for $20 and knew I'd want it refinished. Normally, I might try and take refinishing on myself but not right now so we paid the guy I bought it from to do it for me. It's 1920's walnut wood and it looks amazing!
 I might end up changing out the drawer pulls but for right now, they work. Our cribs are dark and he did so good matching the color! If you're in the Southend near Seattle, check out The Memory Mender. All together I paid $120 and I couldn't be happier. We have these two little kids rocking chairs we're going to have his wife recover someday soon too.

Then it was time to do a little of this:
I started working on my Halloween costume! If you remember from last year, Halloween is a big deal around the stations. I think Boyfriend's idea is going to place higher than mine in the costume contest but we'll see.

I actually had the energy to make dinner so then I made taco ring
I always forget to take pictures of it but it's these meaty-cheesy-bready-goodness that Boyfriend LOVES. (It's a good thing too because I only make about two things.)

And then I washed the boy's bedding, ironed the bedskirts and put the bedding on the bed.
We don't have mattresses yet but I'm hoping to get them on Sunday after we come back from visiting my Grandma in Eastern Washington. We have a coupon for 20% off that expires then and with two little boys coming everything we can save helps!


  1. Someone is becoming domestic!!!!!! :-)

    I love the bedding colors!!!!

    Coupons are AMAZING! Target has some online, and you can print them, and when you're lucky, pair them with an existing mfg coupon, and get stuff for DIRT CHEAP!!!!

  2. No. I wouldn't consider myself domestic until I can cook.

  3. OH MY GOD I love taco pizza!!! (That's what we call it) Do you put lettuce and cheese on top before eating? DELICIOUS.


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