Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Still Wouldn't Consider Myself Domestic But.....

This is boyfriend's bathroom. It's one of the first rooms he redid when he bought the house.

He really likes the pedestal sink look but that made absolutely NO room for my primping stuff when I moved in.  So off to IKEA we went where we found this cupboard to hold basically everything I need. I wanted it to look neat (you can kind of see through the doors) so I bought these baskets which make it super easy to pull out the basket I need and put it back when I'm done.

My evenings have been filled with doing these kinds of things. I wish we'd hurry and get to the fun stuff-painting!


  1. the bathroom and cabinet look great!!
    i have been on a cleaning and organizing kick lately as well! ;)

  2. not domestic :)

    i like it. gotta love ikea.

  3. What a perfect place to maximize the space!

  4. The floor tiles are beautiful. Can't see them that well in the pic. The gray walls with white trim,white pedestal sink;it all goes great together. He did a good job!


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