Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bambinos Baby Shower

My little sister threw me a baby shower Saturday - with my mom's help -  and it was better than I ever could have hoped! My poor sister had to plan it from the other side of the state since she's at school, but she did an amazing job.

The one thing I told my sister I would like is a candy bar and boy did they deliver! My mom and Aunt (who surprised me by riding over from Eastern Washington with my sister) made these delicious chocolate chip  cookie sandwiches, and had many of my favorite desserts like cheesecake, m&ms, chocolate covered strawberries - and all kinds of other candies and desserts.

I think they still had food left over at the end.
The welcome wagon

Pictures of Me & B when we were little
We played games like truths and lies where there were different statements about me and B, people had to guess what was true and what was a lie. We also played an old wives tale game - which I won- and baby bingo.
My sister asked my dad for pennies for bingo and this is what he gave her.
These two cousins surprised me by coming all the way from Bellingham!
I enjoyed food and the company of my family, friends and co-workers

So happy these two could make it
After food it was time for presents, I don't think this is even half of what we received. The boys are so spoiled!
B's favorite presents were the Coug outfits
See, there's a pretty big rivalry in Washington. Most people who live west of the mountains are University of Washington fans, people who grew up east of the mountains are Washington State fans. B grew up west of the mountains but went to Washington State so he's still a BIG supporter. I grew up west of the mountains, and didn't go to University of Washington, but still support the Huskies so we're a house divided. :) B tries to tell me we each get one twin to dress up, but  I'm not agreeing to that!
I'm glad my grandma was able to come. She doesn't get to get out much anymore....
B showed up toward the end of presents, just in time to take some group pictures of us and to stuff all the presents in his car.
I am so blessed. This what not even everyone who came....a few had to duck out early.

My friend Lacey's 24 weeks pregnant (I'm 26) but I'm well over two times as big as she is! But she's only having one (a girl!)

So glad my cousins surprised me and made the trip down, I wish they could have stayed longer
This aunt is sneaky! I didn't think any of my family from Eastern Washington would be able to make it.
My mom with us girls. Except, we're missing four other girl cousins.

My mom, sister and me, I'm so grateful for everything they did to put this together.


  1. awe that's a super fun shower! Glad your family got to be there for you!

  2. What a day to remember...great pics!!! I am excited for you two. Four, whatev! ;-) I sooooo wanna send a gift, but mine require personalized things....aka NAMES! So, you lose. Unless you wanna give me the goodies my lil pretty!!!! Bwahahahahaha!!! (Did that sound evil? It was suppose to.)

  3. Fun!!! I still can't believe you are having twins. I'm sooo jealous!

  4. I am sooooo mad I live in MD and didn't get to come....

    Next time we both pop out babies... we'll have a baby shower-cation, and meet in the middle of the country...

    Like Vegas.... SWEET.... Nevermind... we'll just do that anyways!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  5. totally cute..loved the teddy bears...

  6. Hello pretty lady! I am new to your blog- Your shower looked so nice- I Love all the candy jars:)


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