Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

A friend's 32nd birthday was Saturday so we decided to head over to our other friends "other house" in Matawa for the long weekend. Never heard of Matawa? I hadn't either until B and I started dating. There ended up being 10 of us and the weather was awesome, compared to last time we were there and it was cloudy.
The birthday girl passed out early....before 2pm early. 
 Sherman knows what's good! (Don't worry, I don't drink anymore)
B decided to shave his head like a balding man. And then his friends convinced him to wear it that way all day. They said, "It's funny!" Yeah! As long as it's not your Boyfriend/Husband!! I didn't mind too much since we didn't know anybody in the tiny town, but he DID have to shave it yesterday before we came home.
We convinced E that we needed to shave his chest hair. We shaved an "R" for his wife's name. But I heard he shaved the rest of it off yesterday.
We went golfing but I didn't get to participate. I don't think I'm supposed to do the extreme side to side thing. :(
R has the daintiest swing but she actually hits it really straight. 

We watched this movie, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, three times. It's funny if you don't mind vulgarities like "snatch napkin" but I'm just happy they group didn't want to watch it a fourth time.

And I finally got some sun! I won't scare you with the swimsuit pics. I hadn't put my bikini on since we were there in May so I didn't bother buying a new one, I stuffed myself into the one I had. Since I wasn't super active I didn't fall out of the top and even enjoyed some time floating in the pool


  1. Oh wow. It looks like you had a blast!

  2. Ahhhh, I wanted to see the two-kini pics!!!! I know you were lovely. And that is one knarly looking balding head. Priceless. Ha!!!

  3. lmao at the balding boyfriend... David and his friends did a bet to see who would cut their hair first... David had such a fluffy fro, like highschool hair again... and his friends heads weren't pretty either... his one friend lost because he had an interview with the DEA.. lmao... boys!


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