Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Is it Really Wednesday Already?!

This weekend was filled with baby stuff. Friday we found out the sexes (sorry, not telling.)  Saturday we it bad I can't even remember what we did?! And then Sunday we worked on the registry. I decided to go with because I can find things from all different stores and add them to my registry. I'm trying to find the cheapest price possible for everything so a lot of stuff is from Amazon.Then B and I went to go see Takers with T.I. and Paul Walker (mmmmm...Paul Walker.)

Monday B met my girl friend Annette who was visiting with her family from Ohio. She's one of my closest friends and I love her to pieces. I'm just happy they don't live in Japan anymore! We went to The Rock where everyone else had a drink or two and I had a yummy smoothie! Today we're adding more to the registry at Babies R Us and then I have to pack. Oh yeah, did I mention already that we found someone to take over my lease so I'm moving in with B in two weeks? Yikes!


  1. Oh, why are you going to mention and then don't tell? Thats not fair :(

  2. Okay, you don;t HAVE to reveal....that your prerogative - I guess! Hahahahaha....just tell me - was I right? Wishing you the best with the big MOVE IN!!!

  3. you're not telling?! aw man!!! i don't do well with secrets...k well i let it slide...this time.


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