Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So I need your help. On Tuesday we find out the babies sexes (as long as they cooperate!) I REALLY want the sexes to be a surprise for everyone else, but I'm getting some pressure from people to reveal them. And I know for practical reasons it would be easiest to let people know. People keep saying, "What will we know what to buy then?!"

If people buy us stuff from our registry, it won't be a problem, but I've heard from people recently married that nobody sticks to registries anyway. Obviously, any help we can get from people will help out, but I hate that we might have to reveal the genders because of practicality.

So what do you think? Should we keep it a secret and hope we get stuff we can use or should we reveal the genders?


  1. Fist, do what you want to do and don't let anyone tell you any different.

    I like knowing the babies gender ahead of time because I get more excited. By the time someone's baby is born, I'm kind of over the whole gender thing and am just happy it's healthy.

    But who cares what we think. WE aren't important. You are having babies. YAY! You and your hubby are the only ones that matter and get to make these decisions. If you don't want to tell people, leave it at that and ask them to please respect your decision and not take the fun out of it!

    Registry info is a whole other long answer. I only registered for things I knew I needed. I didn't register for toys or clothes or any of that because you will get a ton of those things anyway.

  2. Oops, I meant FIRST. Not fist. Don't fist anyone. ;)

  3. Heehee. DEFINITELY reveal the genders! Maybe I'm just sayin that cause i want to know, ha! But I do think that it's much easier to buy presents when you know the gender, and then people can be excited WITH you, and the birth is already going to be incredibly exciting since there will be two!

  4. OKay, I am all for doing what YOU want. But, I am here to tell you - you will get WAY better PERSONALIZED baby loot if you reveal. People will want to make burp cloths and me. REVEAL. I mean, do what makes you feel happiest!

  5. You do what you want. That's all that matters. Don't worry about what inconveniences others.

  6. I'm a twin and my parents didn't find out till we were's up to you! I can see pros and cons both ways :) haha I am no help!

  7. I like what Gabby wrote....My folks didn't find out what they were having till I popped out....Sure sure you'll get lots of personalized things...all "things" that a baby doesn't even know exist and when they do notice. they outgrow it anyway. It's kinda like when you receive toys..what for? a newborn baby doesn't even play with them till they are like a year old! :) totally your call. some people just can't wait. Just think back in the day when mommies had to wait because they didn't have machines to tell you what you were having..

  8. I'M definitely finding out, I just don't know if I feel like telling everyone else. There's no way I could plan the nursery without finding out!

    Plus, we don't agree on names at all so if we know what sexes to aim for, that would help cut out some of the stress!

  9. I think you should tell people the sex, but not the names.

    I wish I had done that myself. When I was having Monica Lily, my sister (and others) were like "Name her Lily Monica, I like Lily better" but now Moe is as cute as they come!!! And with Ariel they were like "Are you sure you want to name her that" like seriously, is there a problem with that??!! So on number 3, my goal would be to try to not tell the names.. even though I already have told like a million people.

    You have to tell me so I can make the little bugs blankets!!!! Mmmkay!!!! LOVE YOOOUUU!!!

  10. I'm a fan of revealing, but only because I'm totally selfish and am curious! ;-)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog...glad you did so I could catch up on yours!

  11. Mrs., it started out that I wasn't going to reveal the names (we're already getting too much feedback when B mentioned the TYPES of names we like, not even the exact names.) And honestly, i don't care about other people's opinion of our names, once they see the baby attached to the name, they'll love it too.

    Then I decided I didn't want to reveal the genders but we need so much stuff and gender neutral is hard to do. People want to buy blankets and clothes for certain sexes! If I was only having one baby I wouldn't reveal but since it's two I just don't know.....

  12. Melifaif, I don't think I'll get many personalized gifts. I have a ton of creative friends but not many people I know will actually make gifts. The biggest sew-er in my family was my grandma but at almost 81 she doesn't sew anymore :(

  13. whatever you want!! BUT, if you do reveal...make a party out of it!! I love gender reveal parties!!

    We have found out and told ppl with both of our babies!! Although, this time I am really fearing that the US tech was wrong...I keep having dreams that she is going to come out a he! Yikes!!


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