Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diaper Fiasco


A few weeks ago, Boyfriend and I went to Babies R Us to finish our baby registry. We were told to take two seats at the counter and the guy on the phone would be with us shortly. As we waited, Boyfriend looked at all the diapers surrounding the counter and said, "We should register for diapers too."

Me: I read Costco's generally cheaper, they equal out to only 13 cents a diaper.
B: Do we really need that many though?
Me: Babe, how many diapers do you think babies need a day?
B: Two?
Me: Babe, we're having two babies
B: So..four?

By this point I'm crying and can barely contain myself.

Me: We have to change them each time they go
B: So six then.
Still Laughing so hard tears are running down my cheeks: No, more like 25 a day.

At this time, the guy from Babies R Us hangs up the phone and gives me a weird look asking how he can help us. B told him what we needed while I tried to pull myself together. I know he'll be a great dad but I've told everyone humanly possible this story and still almost cry laughing each time I do.


  1. Costco is cheapest!!!!! Luckily for us, when the girls were babies, we used the store brand at the base exchange.... They were 4 bucks for a 40-pack, and for newborn pee, it was great.... now when they were older, I wouldn't use it because they leaked something awful, but for our little baby butts... they were great!!!

    Target is great too, they usually offer a $5 gift card when you buy two packs of diapers... its not all the time, but it seems monthly they offer that. ((I buy gift cards as my way of saving for Christmas... lol... its my first year, David doesn't know... We're going to have such a great Christmas... cause last year was crappy.. :( ))

  2. Aw - mama! He'll come around. :)

    I was browsing your registries last week. Please register for more stuff!! I went with Holls to register for her ONE baby and we left with 148 different items (and multiple quantities of some of those 148 items).

    PLUS - you usually get discount coupons for "registry completion" - so register for things that you might want to buy later...expensive things... because 20% off a $400 item can add up fast!

    Just a thought. :)

  3. Okay. Is it bad that I thought six too? lol


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