Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Pounds

Have I ever mentioned that jellyfish are my favorite animal? For years my favorite had been monkeys after I saw the Addams Family with one on TV years ago. But last January or February I saw the movie 7 Pounds and have been fascinated with them ever since. B & I went to the Aquarium Valentine's Day last year and both just stared in awe at this donut-shaped thing the jellyfish swim around in. It was amazing.

For our one year Anniversary, I got B this jellyfish paperweight which ordinarily would be a very cheesy gift but I'm in love with it. I covet it so much I want one for my own bedroom to the point where I thought about stealing his (no joke) but decided that would be wrong, right Roomate?
I wish you could tell how gorgeous they are. The aquarium website isn't the best.

I found this new blog today C'est La Vie and the above image is her header. Of course, I see jellyfish and have been thinking about this image all day! I've been trying to figure out if there's a way I could blow it up and use it in my bedroom or office at work. I love the movement I see in this image and it reminds me of the time spent at the aquarium and on Orcas Island last summer watching the jellyfish's fluid movements through the water. They mesmerize me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Best Friend Broke Up With Me

It happened in October. And I really don't know why. We met in Driver's Ed when I was 15 although we didn't actually become friends until right before we graduated. The summer after Senior Year, we were inseparable and continued that way for many years.

It wasn't until I got my first real relationship five years ago that we started spending time apart.We didn't see each other as often but I still called him every day on my way to work and helped him through his relationship issues. He listened to me complain about my ex and told me what he'd been telling me about every guy I dated, "Don't settle."

We continued in the pattern of not seeing each other very often but talking 2-3 times a week for years. When B and my best friend met, he actually liked my best friend (unlike my ex) so I'd see my best friend a little more. But our almost daily conversations didn't stop.

He let me down on my birthday last year when he didn't show up. I had talked to him that very day and he said he'd be there. Because mine and B's relationship was so new, it was very important for my best friend to be there and meet him.These were two guys who were very important to me, I wanted them both to share in the big day with me.

This wasn't the first time he had flaked out on me. One time, we were supposed to go puppy shopping at the pound for him and he never showed up, he didn't call me until 5pm that night after I had spent my whole day waiting for him.I was understandably upset, but I forgave him, he is my best friend after all. But it seemed like every time we were supposed to hang out something happened to prevent it.

In October, I went through a tough situation and my best friend was there for me, checking on me, always making sure I was okay. Then one day, he called to tell me he was going backpacking in Panama. I tried to be enthusiastic and happy for him but I share an office at work, our desks are literally back to back so we face eachother. I always feel weird on personal calls at work.

Two days later my best friend texted me to tell me he feels like he's a better friend to me than I am to him and basically broke up with me. Excuse me?! Who's the one who picked you up even though I was sleeping because you were too drunk to drive home? Who's the one who would drop whatever I was doing to give you girl advice throughout the years? Even when I didn't like her. Who's the one who would pick you up from work when your car broke down? Who's the one who answered your drunk dials at 2am even when I was at my boyfriend's because I was afraid something bad had happened? Who listened to you complain about your dad, your mom, your whole family for hours?

I was done. When somebody tells me they don't want to be friends with me, fine. I'm done with it and basically nothing you can do will make me change my mind.

But yesterday I got this text:
So I fucking miss you. How are you?  It was from him.My question is, where do I go from here? I kind of miss him too. We'd been friends for 10 years. He's nursed me through countless break-ups, fights with my own family, or just my sad feelings of life in general. He was my best friend after all. So my question is this: have you ever had a friend break up with you? Do you think the friendship can be repaired? 

I'm kind of scared he'll do it again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle Hard Rock

See the Pike Place Market sign in the background? Kind of a cool picture if my camera was better.

Last night, I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in over a year. A year! There's no excuse for that. Anyway, we decided to meet up and go to the new Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle.

From the Hard Rock Seattle website:
"Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle strikes the perfect balance in a city that boasts one of the most diverse and influential alternative music scenes in the world, a city where Jimi Hendrix performed his first headlining gig, where upscale coffee was perfected and where countless visitors flock each year to see the sights." 

Upon first walking in, I was surprised to see almost every hostess had black hair and piercings. Being tattooed and pierced myself, I enjoy seeing establishments that don't conform to "old standards." As long as they're not offensive.....

So we were seated and were pointed in the direction of this little gadget on our table that would"make your server come running" if we pushed the button. I was assured they would, indeed, come running. The cool thing was, when we were greeted by our server, she swiped the watch she was wearing across the device, I'm assuming to show how quickly she'd greeted us. Restaurants are getting so high-tech.

I ordered a Raspberry Margarita that was delicious but un-blended. I like them blended. That didn't stop me from sucking it down in no time though! I also ordered a burger and fries. The fries were really good! The burger wasn't fantastic, but not horrible either. It was just a burger.

Overall, for the two of us, the bill was $53 which was kind of expensive for two burgers and two margaritas, but obviously Hard Rock is not a I-eat-there-weekly kind of place.

The decor was cool. It's pretty industrial looking inside with Pearl Jam and other Alternative music memorabilia. I would have liked to see a little more Seattle-specific memorabilia, but cool none the less. They did have some Nirvana, but I didn't see any Jimi Hendrix or anything. Then again, I didn't walk around and disrupt the people eating either. All the workers looked like they were having a ton of fun. If I lived closer to Seattle, I would definitely work there as a second job.

Besides getting to catch up with Zoanna, I was excited that one of my favorite songs, Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley came on the big screen and helped me finalize the idea for my new tattoo.

Walking back to the car, we noticed we were barricaded in by yellow caution tape 'cause we had stumbled onto the set of a movie they were shooting, Late Autumn. IMDB says it's a remake of some Korean movie, so it's probably a scary one. The Korean remakes are always scary (The Ring.)

If you're ever in Seattle, I would suggest going to Hard Rock just for the experience and the fries

Oh and PS,
The Shred was not as bad as expected although I did start hurting yesterday a few hours after I did it. I like hurting, it makes me know I worked hard :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My 100th Post!

Sorry, I don't have a great giveaway for you, I'm thinking about what I could do for one though :)
Roomate and I got busy this weekend decorating. It's funny because our decorating starts with just one piece, then we go on a decorating frenzy. Our living room is pretty much done, but our dining room and kitchen needed SERIOUS help

It looked like this without the hideously-too-small picture hanging on the wall. But now, we've turned it into this:
So not only did we hang the HUGE Paris picture from IKEA, we re-oriented the table so it didn't look like a humongo red airstrip waiting for a plane to land and come crashing into the picture. Then, we hung the iron sconces on the wall and moved the piece that had been where the sconces were.

But we didn't stop with the dining room, we hung the New York and vintage Seattle picture on the wall in the kitchen (along with some empty frames)
We both hate it. It's too living room-y. We're going to have some chalkboard love going on fairly soon. Who woulda thought, a chalkboard in my house! It's so shabby chic, I'm so....not.

This arangement we've had up for a few weeks - without the clock. We'd been looking for a round platter at a thrifft store that we could paint, but then we realized the clock was the perfect size! Yes, I know the picture is sideways. We're going to use that frame and get a picture for it. We seem to hang a ton of orphaned frames waiting for their art around our house, but at least the ugly fusebox is covered!

Stay tuned for my giveaway...I'm still figuring out what to do!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Shop Chanel, Shall We?

'Cause, you know, if I had a gazillion dollars to spend, I MIGHT just get one of these.
Probably not, but it's kind of interesting - $1,025 

LOVE train cases - $1,695 - don't love the price tag.

If this was silver instead, I'd probably love it - $1,080
Oh and PS, I'm starting The Shred tonight, I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Manicure!

I got my first manicure ever on Wednesday. I've been biting my nails forever, remember? With B's help, I overcame the habit I had for 19 years so in addition to getting a  pedicure I added on a manicure at the last minute.

My nails are still fairly short (they break pretty easily when they're long, I'm not very gentle) but I'm happy I even have nails to manicure

I was a bit dissappointed though, I went into my little nail parlor by my house for a pedicure because they have the most amazing massaging chairs. Literally, these chairs massage your calves the whole time, they're the most amazing massage gadget ever....but the shop had been sold!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another New Dress

I've been buying quite  a few dresses for summer lately. I bought two more over the weekend. I realized I keep buying dresses because when I think of the summer and how it's going to be, I picture myself catching uip with my girlfriends over drinks on a pattio like I'm a cast member of The Hills or something. This is probably not how my summer will turn out because 1) we have jobs and 2) even if we were to get lunch real quick, we couldn't drink on our lunch hour.

Anyway, I couldn't hold out so I wore one to work today:
The best part is the back:

It's so much cuter in real life (I don't like taking pictures of just me, I get embarrassed) but I love the cut-out in the back and how you can wear a bra without completely exposing it. (Please ignore mine peeking out.) It actually fits me on top - which never happens so I think this will be my go-to LBD.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've Got the Crud

 I've been absent. In all actuality, I don't feel like I have anything worthy of posting. I've been a busy little bee, but unless you know me and the people I hang out with it's probably not that interesting. So I had this week all planned out, Monday I was going to start The Shred, so I was going to post about that. And then I would get back on the grind posting most of the work-week like I normally do.
And then I came down with the Crud. It started last week, but I figured it would go away over the weekend with a little rest. (we had this thing called Singles Mingle that my station put on last week so I had been working a ton and not sleeping well.) I felt a little better Friday after I slept in (the new boss rocks for letting me sleep in!) so I went out Friday night and Saturday night.

*Side note* Friday a friend and I went to see Jason Castro, of American Idol fame. I'm not a fan but tickets were free so I can't complain. My friend made it her mission to get a picture with him and mission accomplished before the show even started. She accidentally touched his dreads and said they were really crunchy. In the 10 seconds we talked to him, he seemed really socially awkward too, but we only had 10 seconds. And Caitlin Crosby, the opener was the best of the three people who performed. 

I digress.....I'm really upset about getting the crud. I have no idea where it came from.....Maybe Jenny Mac because I visited her page so many times drooling over the Jimmy Choo bag she was giving away? My workout plans have been put on hold and I'm really upset about it. I had been so good about getting up at 6am to do the treadmill (I am NOT a morning person) and The Shred was going to be a little booster to do at night if I had time.

I am slowly feeling better but I have a feeling I have a sinus infection and I have no insurance so I'm going to wait it out. At least I didn't get Roomate sick. She ALWAYS gets sick, and today's her birthday. Happy Birthday Roomate!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Car

No yet, but I'm shopping around for one. And I'm not looking to buy new either, after having barely any debt (besides my school loan) I just don't want a huge car payment. So I need your opinion (wow, I really AM needy lately, huh?) I've been looking at Mini Coopers
I've heard really good things about them, they get good gas mileage and I even found a fairly inexpensive one with butt warmers! But then yesterday B told me they're expensive to fix because they're British.

I've always driven Nissan's. Always. So I'd love to learn towards a Nissan 200sx se-r Like I had last time, but it's a sportscar and I don't want the insurance to go up a ton. 
I'm not opposed to some other foreign car like a Misubishi but I don't know that much about them. My biggest requirements are that it has to be good on gas, and I have to look cute in it. What would you suggest? What kind of car do you drive? Do you love it?

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Needy

Roomate and I were forced to hang some things on our dining room walls Saturday because we were having people over. [We've only lived here for nine months, you can't expect us to have the place put together already :) ] Okay, so I know we're late. But here's what our dining room is going to look like :

We don't have that poster yet so I photoshopped it in. Eventually it will be matted and framed so it will look much better. Anyway, our issue is with the iron thing on the other wall, that thing I outlined in the red box:

It has hooks, so we know we want to hang something from them, but what could we hang? Out dining room and kitchen we're going with kind of a city theme but we don't want it to end up to kitschy/cheesy. So far, our only idea was utensils, but I don't think we're going with that. What would you do?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jimmy Choo Giveaway

My favorite Jenny Mac is having a giveaway. I really don't want to blog about this and ruin my chances of winning, but I want more chances to win and think it would be awesome to win this bag! It's the perfect brown and I don't own anything Jimmy Choo...yet. Right Jenny Mac? Hint Hint :)

Look at that bag! It's calling my name.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer Lovin'

I'm (almost) ready for summer. I've slowly but steadily been losing weight (although I don't think people can actually tell a difference yet) so I'm determined to be more toned and feel better in summer clothes this summer. Seattle's had a mild winter this year with not nearly as much rain as normal so for that I'm grateful, but I'm ready for cute summer clothes.

Sunday I couldn't help myself, I went to Target to buy Michael Jackson's This Is It (I HIGHLY recomend it if you're an MJ fan, but do notice that he has freakishly large hands. No joke. When we went to see it in the theater, I mentioned it and 30 minutes later when I mentioned it again, B started giving me crap 'cause I was so distracted by his hands. Haha!)

Anyway, because I'm starting to feel a little better in clothes, and I want to feel cute in clothes no matter what size I am, I broke down and bought this dress:

It's actually a lot cuter on, and although I'm going to wait until a little closer to Spring, I might make it work-wear by slipping on my skinny jeans and putting a black cardigan over it. Target has a cute cardi I was going to buy but I needed a smaller size and they didn't have it. Oh and did I mention the dress is reversable? I'll never wear the reverse side but it's almost like two dresses in one for less than $20. Love me some Target :)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap

I had been looking forward to this wekend aaaalllll week. Saturday Roomate and I had plans to go to this chocolate festival. I LOVE Roomate but she's not the most social person so getting to hang out with her outside of the house is always a special treat :) I bribed her with chocolate.

I had no idea what to expect and it was all the way out in Enumclaw (that's way out in the country for those of you who aren't familiar with the Seattle area.) I expected a chocolate expo housed in the 4-H area of the fairgrounds. It was housed on the fairgrounds, but it wasn't a 4-H building. They had a bunch of vendors and I had way to many samples of chocolate. The first things Roomate and I bought weren't even chocolate!

Right away, we got sucked into this company that does soy candles. They had this merlot candle that was positively yummy! (I'm not a wine person, so this was a surprise.) We decided to wait until we'd made our way around the whole place then come back to buy so we weren't carrying stuff around the whole time. Luckily we did because later, I found a perfume in my favorite smell: plumeria. (At only $11, it was a reasl score.) Then just a feew booths down we ran into Scentsy. Uh oh.

I've heard of Scentsy and although I love candles, it's nothing I've ever thought I needed to have. We were smelling quite a few bars and Roomate had picked out  a few she would use with a warmer she already has when the lady asked me which type of smells I like because Roomate and I weren't agreeing on many. I said,"It's one you probably don't have, plum-" and she grabbed the plumeria bars. Uh oh.

See, Roomate and I have these horrible smells in our bathrooms. It smells like Teddy and Roomate's cat, Tigger, have left little presents in the bathroom and the smell permiates into our rooms. We think it's the pipes, but the smell makes my stomach turn. So as soon as the lady showed me the plumeria bars, I was a gonner.

I ended up with a sand dollar plug-in warmer (to match the vintage Hawaiian bathroom) and three plumeria bars. The lady suggested against three plumeria in case I get used to it but I don't care, I know what I love and I LOVE plumerias. I plugged it in as soon as I got home and so far I haven't smelled anything but wonderful plumeria - no nastiness anymore!

Then Roomate about had a heart attack when she found smoked goodness from Mahlen Smoked Product. Let me tell you, while I was paying the Scentsy lady, Roomate was almost salivating because Mahlen is a client at work and last Christmas they sent their Account Executive the most delicious basket of smoked cheeses and meats. She bought four blocks of cheese! They're fairly small blocks and we both love cheese so we've been nibbling on it all day:) They don't have a website or else I'd direct you there, just know this stuff is uh-mazing.

I did buy a little chocolate right before we left, I tried to buy 1/4 pund of choclate dipped strawberry fudge, but there was a $10 minimum on debit cards so I also ended up with a 1/4 pound of mint and chocolate peanut butter too.

Then Saturday night  I had plans to go out for drinks with my friend, Becky. We've been friends for almost 10 years but with work/school schedules, we don't get together much. We planned on going to ACME bowl. We don't have a place that we like to go to, so we decided to try out a bunch until we find one we really like and can call ours. (B has a few places he and his friends like to go to, and I've always been jealous that me and my friends don't have one, so I'm changing that.) BUT, on the way to the Chocolate Festival, Roomate mentioned going to Muckleshoot Casino. She really likes going there with one of her friends and I've never ever gambled so I asked Becky to meet us there insetead. It's closer to her house, so of course she was down. 
I was hoping to have beginners luck and win big ( I need to buy a car so I was really hoping) but I only won $25 on the first game. I ended up not walking away with any winnings but I gambled for quite a while and barely spent any money. The best part was we had $2.25 beers and all three of us had a filet mignon dinner for free because we used the points on our player's cards! By 11pm, I was exhausted and ready to go home (I'm getting so old!) but we stuck around a while longer and the night ended up being pretty fun :)
Oh and P.S.
The best part was when Becky texted me this morning and said she should have washed her hair before bed because her hair smelled like smoke and she had dreams we were smocking cigars. Funny! But disgusting. Thank goodness you can only smoke inside on the Indian Reservation. Sadly the Gaming Committee is kind of strict about pictures so I don't have any pics of our fun night.



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