Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Need Your Help!

My bedroom has absolutely NO personality. Since it's the room I spend the most time in, I want to change that as soon as possible with a very little budget. I have this cute idea for my wall, but I really NEED a duvet cover. It has to be a duvet cover, or at least sheets I can sew into one. I have  a white duvet but I want it to be covered. Plus, it's all dirty and not "pretty white." Remember, I have a little dog who loves to be on the bed with me :) .......And I can't keep white clean no matter what.
My bed, it's so plain.

I'm thinking if I could find a pink damask duvet cover that would be cool, or some kind of pink harlequin (I really haven't made up my mind yet) and my sheets are tan, so they have to coordinate, but here's where you come in, where do you guys buy your bedding? Know of any good sites that don't sell duvet covers for a bazillion dollars?

Here's some bedding I like so far, sadly, not all of them will work because of my sheets :(

Love this one but I don't think I can make the tan stipes of my sheets and the black and white damask "go."

This one would make the room very....tan

I keep coming back to the pink of this one
{Company Store}

It would be just the duvet, not the gingham too.

This one's not a duvet cover, it's a bedspread so it won't work...but its cute
{JC Penny's}


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have prefessed more than once my love of dancing. What I haven't professed was my love for hip-hop. I'm known around my radio station for loving "hood" music but really I just love anything with a good beat. I love old-school hip-hop like Run DMC and everything that goes along with early hip-hop culture: breakdancing, and the old school hip-hop beats, and of course I still love old MJ. So unlike the rest of the world I have never really gotten into So You Think You Can Dance but quickly became a fan of America's Best Dance Crew.

My favorite of the first season quickly became Jabbawockeez and I was tickled red (you'll see why) when my favorite group danced to my favorite MJ song:

They actually stole my heart a few episodes before the PYT episode whne their challenge was to make one of themselves fly. They thought completely out of the box and I knew then they'd be the first season's winners

And these girls, the Beat Freaks blew me away two seasons ago. I have never seen girls that could breakdance this well and I love what they did with the "Illusion Challenge." My favorite part is when the one ticks to the "tick tick tick and pop lock and drop" it part of the song. I've always wished I could tick, or pop and lock. Unfortunately I can't isolate parts of my body like that.

Sadly, since the Beat Freaks' season, I haven't been as impressed with ABDC. The only thing that kept me watching it was Seattle's own Massive Monkees were on it last season. Let's hope that tonight's season premiere produces dance crews of the same caliber as a few seasons ago. Too bad Shane Sparks was replaced by Omarion, I hope he ends up being a good judge.

(Yes, I am fully aware that as a 27 year old, I am not in ABDC's target demographic, or even in MTV's for that matter but a show that combines my two favorite things: dancing and hip-hop is a show I'll quickly become addicted to.)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Very Best Way to Spend a Sunday Morning

Cuddled up with my lil boy on my leg....oh and blogging, duh.  I love when he lays like that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Green With Envy

I have to admit I'm a little jealous. I know jealousy is not good but the fab blog Destined for Royalty (check her out, not only is she gorgeous, she has the most amazing wedding pictures I've ever seen) mentioned the other day that she was meeting up with two other bloggers for drinks the other night.

That sounds like so much fun! I'd love to meet up with other bloggers. I'd love to have more girl friends. Seriously, I have like two. I love them, but I'd also love to do girls nights and just get together and catch up. So then I started thinking. Why do all the bloggers live in Texas?

Destined for Royalty and her friends Brown Girl Blogs and Keeping Up With Court, the gorgeous (and one of my new faves) Meli Faif Life, one of the first blogs I came across, Little Lovables. I'm sure there's tons more but all these ladies live in Texas! I bet there's bloggers in Seattle but where are they?! I need to find some cool, new ladies I can hang out with.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Current Obsession: Pillows

Aren't these pillows cute?

They're from Target and I think they'd be really cute in our vintage city themed dining room/kitchen area. In fact, they'd do really well with this picture

I can just imagine all the dining chairs with slipcovers and those pillows on them - they'd look awesome.....too bad we never eat in the dining room

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teddy Needs

Teddy needs a new sweater. He got a hole in my favorite one. So I was browsing this website and found out they make swimwear for dogs!

Oh my.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Isn't Teddy adorable? I just love his floppy little ear.

I have a confession to make. Please don't turn me into the ASPCA when I tell you this. Yorkies are supposed to have pointy ears. They're born floppy and you're supposed to massage them to make them pointy.

The first time I saw him. I told myself I wasn't going to purchase him that day but I couldn't help myself.


I didn't want Teddy to have pointy ears but but because I couldn't help myself I was always putting his tiny head in my hands and ruffling his fur which helped simulate the blood in his ears so they started to raise.

To keep his ears floppy, I used athletic tape to tape quarters to his ears! True story. One shake of his head and the quarters went flying. So I pulled the tape off. His ears had short fur so it didn't hurt him but once my darling sister told B the story, he was always teasing me about it.

Shortly after I saw a friend's Yorkie who had floppy ears and he looked horrible so I tried to stimulate Teddy's little ears as much as possible to make them pointy. It worked on one but only half way on the other.

This post was supposed to be about something else but oh well.

Monday, January 18, 2010

It's a Party

Friday was mine and B's birthday party (we share a birthday, remember?) B DJ'd so it was almost like only my party with my own personal DJ :)

I had an amazing time. And the best part is, my best friend was visiting from Pittsburg so he got to come.

Love this one. I am only ever truly happy when dancing.

My new friend. He was priceless

In response to the new friend behind me, we didn't get any pics of him "Poppin' it" down on the floor.

My adorable ex-boss. She just left us for another radio station :(

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I haven't forgotten about you, I've been SUPER busy with work but I still feel guilty for not keeping up with my posts. My boss's last day was Tuesday so me and one other person have taken on quite a bit of work until they find a replacement. Luckily I LOVE my job. I'm lucky enough to say that I really do, and yes, I would work if they didn't pay me - I did it when I interned! (Technically, I paid to work there.) So, yes, I really do love my job.

Tomorrow is mine and B's Birthday party. I'm sure there will be a ton of fun pics to post after it's over :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Me? Chic?!

I've been REALLY behind in keeping up with my blog reading lately. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had been awarded a Chic Blogger Award by Meli Faif Life. I was stunned. Seriously. Especially since she could only choose one blog and she chose mine! So thank you Meli Faif for making me feel chic!

Now, to pass this on.....this is hard. I can't pass it back to Meli Faif so I think I will choose Adventures of the Wilkinsons

So Risley, make a speech, it's your turn!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes Monday! It means a lot that so many people I've never meant took the time to write to me.

Just so everyone knows, I'm not ready to be in my late 20s. I never thought that getting older would bother me, but I AM NOT ready to be 27. So I declare Monday the 1st Anniversary of my 26th Birthday.

My birthday was great by the way. I walked into my office to find a present from B sitting on my desk (Godiva Chocolates complete with a chocolate covered strawberry and a Sephora Giftcard) we went to lunch at Red Robin and then went to drinks with two of his friends after work. It was low key, but much better than I expected.

The only downside was yesterday I went to eat the chocolate covered strawberry and it was moldy! MAJOR sad face here :( I guess you can't buy them two days before you gift them. But the thought is what counts anyway, B's gotten quite good at picking out presents.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Resolution

I decided months ago what my New Years resolution was going to be: to become a gentler person. I have a ton of compassion for people and situations. I never mean to hurt somebody's feelings, but I often talk without speaking and the way I deliver things probably does hurt people. I can be a little abrupt, I guess. I KNOW I've hurt B's feelings more often than I've ever meant to. I would like to become a person who is known for giving a nice word or wrapping someone in a warm hug rather than hurting poeple's feelings.

But more recently, I've been thinking I should make a double resolution and decide to also put myself first. I will always put other people before myself. It doesn't matter if it's something small like what I want to eat for dinner, going to hang out somewhere with B when I'd rather go somewhere else or something major like putting my needs on the backburner and making sure I'm taking care of B's first. It doesn't matter if I'm with my friends, my family or my boyfriends, I've always deferred the decision making to other people to I make sure I'm keeping them happy.

As I'm getting older I realize that although keeping those around me happy makes me happy, I also need to make myself happy and speak up. I can't keep putting my wants, needs and desires aside.

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's My Birthday!

Today I enter my late twenties. I saw this idea on Let's Have a Cocktail and thought it was kind of a fun idea. Although I'm sure mine will not be no where near as funny as hers, I, too, decided to write a letter to my five year old self.

Dear 5 Year Old Lindsay,
Today you're 6! You're wise beyond your years and much smarter than the other kids. You have a quiet confidence and a smile that lights up the room. Use that to your advantage, you will get compliments on your smile for years to come. Plus, how many kids have three dimples?

It's Veterans Day, not Vetrinarian's Day, remember that before you raise your hand in kindergarten.

You will not always be a Daddy's girl. Just love him and accept him for who he is: your father, but grow a thick skin and don’t let him stress you out too much.

You will never like fish or cooked vegetables, learn to hide them on your plate so you don't have to sit at the table for hours until you finish them. Throwing the peas at your mom will not help you get out of eating them.

When you bash your forehead in 1st grade, there will be a lot of blood. A lot. But your head isn't caved in and you're not going to die. You will have a scar for the rest of your life and mostly hide it with bangs.

You will always be in advanced classes. Switching schools will be one of the best decisions you will ever make. You will learn to value your "smart-ness" and not mind being called a "Gifty" at all.

Stay away from the spandex leggings. And bodysuits. Neither one is a good look no matter how trendy they are. And learn where the Georgetown Hoyas are from before you jump on that bandwagon. You'll only ride it for a year anyway.

They'll teach you to read music in band or orchestra. Playing an instrument would suit you much better than singing in the choir. Especially since you still can't read music so you're faking it both years you do it.

Having a big butt is apparently a good thing. You will not value that comment in junior high but will love that asset later in life.

You will get through your parent's divorce. Tell your dad you hate his Cruella DeVille look-a-like and her three evil spawn sooner rather than later, the next one you will like.

You will never really get boobs. But wear a sports bra to support the little ones you do get.

Don't leave your rabbits in their cage on the front yard. Sure, they like eating grass but somebody will steal the whole cage with the two rabbits in it. Save yourself the devastation.

Look behind you before you back the car out of the garage for the first time. Notice the van.

Your mother means well although it doesn’t always seem that way. She read your notes from your friends out of concern and gives you unasked for advice because she cares. She’ll be there in REAL times of need. She’ll be the one person you can always count on. And she'll always make you laugh.

Don't take after school service when given the choice. Give it all to the boys, they would do the same in your situation. Or, better yet, don't forge the note getting Cameron out of school in the first place.

You WILL get through it. Each break-up seems worse than the last but you will not experience REAL heartbreak until your mid-twenties. Accept these relationships for what they are – silly little learning experiences.

Your best friend is bad news. You don't need to rescue him everytime he's drunk at school. And tell him not to put the paperclip in the light socket in Jr. High. But you'll always love him anyways and he'll be a huge support for you too.

Don’t give up dancing. You will regret it for years to come. You will always love to dance. Don’t let that boy make you feel insecure because he's better than you. He grew up learning to hula for goodness sakes! Of course he knows how to move. He’ll suck all your confidence although you’ll always love dancing.

Your sister will not always be bratty. You will actually grow a lot closer and she’ll become one of your favorite people in the world.

Cheerleading is one of the best (and worst) decisions you will ever make. Ten years later you’ll still be remembered only as “that hot cheerleader.” You will not stay friends with anyone from the team no matter how close you felt. The girls on the team will make your senior year hell....and then all your friends will become guys.

You will NEVER forget the Chuck E. Cheese’s Birthday song. But you made great friends while you were there. Fight with your boss so you don’t have to wear the mouse costume….it’s stinky and gross and vicious little kids will maul you.

Be nice to the girl who does have to be Chuck E., she'll be a friend for years to come.

Think about your first tattoo. Simplify the design and think twice about the location, you so not need a "tramp stamp"

Stay away from Screwdrivers. You will never be able to drink orange juice gain.

No matter what your dad says, piercing your tongue and belly button are not a bad idea. Eventhough he says he hates it, he'll show it off quite a bit. It won't affect your speech and the scars will be minimal.

Don't date guys just because they can dance and that's incredibly hot to you. They turn out to be real douchebags. You'll fall in love with somebody who is only okay at dancing.

But he'll make you unbelievably happy and then break your heart. Twice.

Stay away from running boat propellers while you're in the water. You'll spend 12 hellacious hours in the ER, and make a fool of yourself in the ambulance cussing out your boyfriend.

Since you cussed him out, you should take the hint and break up with him. If you loved him you wouldn't talk to him that way, eventhough he was wrong for getting mad at you for something you couldn't control.

You still won't like fish or cooked vegetables.

Save yourself the heartache of dating guys who are not good enough for you or who don't value what they have until they've lost it. If your mother wouldn't think he's good enough for you, he's not. You WILL find better. Don't date until you're 22 and save yourself the trouble. He will not be THE ONE either but at least he's better than the others.

The University will not be fun for you. Think of it only as a means to get your degree so you can obtain your dream job.

You'll put up with a bunch of crappy jobs before you work at the radio station, it will be the best job Ev-var.

No matter how bad you want to work it out, the other person has to want to work it out too. On to the next one…

Love everyone unconditionally, especially yourself.

Your family is what you make it, that could include people not related to you by blood.

At 27 you will have some great experiences, so soar and spread your wings. Remember to work like you don't need money, love like you've never been hurt and dance like no one's watching. And choosing love for your first tattoo was a smart choice, because that's all there really is. Happy Birthday Little Girl.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Soul Food

I wouldn't consider my family close. But one tradition we never skip is cornbread and black eyed peas on New Years Day. I don't know why, but I look forward to it every year. See, my grandma is from Oklahoma so she does everything reeeeeal southern. Our Christmas stuffing has turkey parts in it; so does the gravy. We have candied yams and beets at Christmas too so New Years we go Southern again and eat cornbread and black eyed peas.

Supposedly, eating three black eyed peas (did you know they're really beans?) means good luck for the new year. I don't usually eat any - maybe this year I'll eat six.


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