Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Payday = Thrift Day

Today was my favorite time of the month, payday! Of course I went thrifting and here's what I got:

Frames! Yes, that big one in the middle is a mirror, I'm slightly obsessed, remember? I don't know where it will go yet but with a coat of black paint, it'll fit right in.

Close Ups

I've already started painting them. I'm the kind of girl who gets so excited about a new project she just has to start right away. So I did.

AND I found that pillow I was considering buying as a substitute for the pillows I really wanted. They still have them at Target if I'd like to buy a mate.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Bedroom Inspiration

In this post, I wrote about this picture and how it's my bedroom inspiration:

I found this great site today which means more inspiration. I don't love this one, but I like the regalness of it. I guess it's regal...

I don't love the color pallette of this next one but I like the bed a lot.... I need to buy a headboard and footboard soon.

This last one's my favorite of the new ones. I love the mixing of the fabrics and the Far East feel of the headboard (although I wouldn't ever buy that headboard)

I definitely want to go with a warm color pallete. I want a chair in my room, I have this big empty space but it's flanked by a closet on each side (yes, I have two closets, they're both stuffed and I still have nothing to wear - no joke, it's sick) so I can't block either one off.

I have this picture I'm kind of building my room around:

I guess I'm going for a romantic feel?

My First Blog Party

I've decided to join Vintage Junky at her Multiples Party. I've always been the kind of girl who buys things in Multiples if I like them so here's a few in the living room:

Marilyn Monroe Pictures. Okay, so I didn't buy them, I just printed out the small ones. Sssshhhh....don't tell.

One mirror....

two mirror....

This is the third mirror just in the living room!

And finally trumpet lampshades

Monday, September 28, 2009

Couldn't Help Myself

Isn't this a fab ring?

I thought so too. I first came across it when I noticed this giveaway on simple blueprint. I chose this ring as the one I would want to win but then I kept thinking about it. I just love rings.

I drug Boyfriend from jewelry booth to jewelry booth at the Fair this weekend but I never found one I loved. So today I went back to Jeweled Ambrosia and noticed there's only one in stock. Only one! So I bought it. Can't wait for it to come in the mail :)

Current Obsession: Chandeliers

I've mentioned here that I want a chandelier for my bedroom. Since then, I've been looking everywhere for inexpensive chandeliers that plug in to the wall. How I overlooked Target I don't know but tonight I found these

I NEVER would have thought I'd want a chandelier for my room, five years ago I would have wrinkled my nose at the girliness of it all. But the girliness is what I love. I figure it's my last chance to have a really girly room before I get married.

I Need a Button

I need a button. I can make my own in photoshop, but I need some premade elements to piece my button together. I don't want to take anything illegally, but the Creative Commons confuses me! Anyone know where I can get pieces for a cute button?

My First Big Piece!

Decorating my apartment has become my new love. So has blogging. Naturally, I need a place to do my blogging so that means- decorating! My mom gave me this desk but it looks kind of country

So what did I decide to do? Sand it and paint it at Boyfriend's house! Halfway through I was thinking What did I get myself into?! It took me a long time to sand all that varnish off.

But I think the end result was worth it.

It still needs hardware but I can't find any I like so far! If anybody has any websites to help, send 'em my way! It still looks kind of country, but it'll be fine in the nook under the stairs.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's almost THAT time again

The F word is here. That's right, it's oficially fall. The passing from summer to fall passed me by without merely a thought because we've had unusally warm fall weather for Seattle. I've never been a huge fan of fall as it means rain showers, soggy pant hems, wavy-unruly hair, mud puddles and even worse drivers. Yet this year I find myself intrigued. I actually found myself checking out the mini pumpkins at Safeway the other day but I had to stop myself. No pumpkins until October! Then this will become my inspiration:

These are so much better than the usual carved or painted Pumpkins although I WILL have those too...Halloween is my second favorite holiday after all.

The Most Fabulous Event

Working in radio, I hear a bout a ton of events/organizations. The ones that really tug my heartstrings are the events that give back to the community in some way. Two of my favorites are R.Place of Refuge and Get Hitched Give Hope.

R.Place of Refuge is run by Kelly Carroll, an awesome woman who collects items/food and delivers the goods to people who are in need. I mean really in need. If she meets a kid who says " I really want a Wii" (or some other high-priced item) that kid's not in need. She helps brighten kids lives by giving them cheese, and milk, books, toys and other things to children and families who are really in need. I had the honor of working with Kelly at a toy drive we did last Christmas time and let me tell you, this woman almost made me cry. And I don't cry. I've had a soft spot for her ever since.

The other event that tugs at my heart is Get Hitched Give Hope. 

From their website:

We've decided to throw a really big, swanky-cool party; the kind that gives you an excuse to buy new shoes. We'll have lovely libations and amazing appetizers, live and silent auctions and lots of raffles.
You will truly be able to get gorgeous goods for your wedding by giving back.
Seattle's top wedding professionals have been personally invited to exhibit their services and products with one catch-- they must donate a fantastic item for our silent auction. Together with items donated by Seattle's top businesses, we will raise money for a great cause through silent auctions, raffles, and a final, show-stopping live auction. The items up for grabs are not just limited to pre-wedding prep, day-of services, and newlyweds, there are sure to be some great goods for moms, dads, grooms, and friends!

The money raised from this event goes to people with Stage IV breast cancer. Again from their website:
1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer and 1 in 100 breast cancer cases are in men. Over 40,000 men and women will lose their lives to breast cancer this year in America alone; that's 40,000 wishes that we can help to grant. Let's do it.

This year, our goal is to raise $50,000 to grant wishes for stage IV breast cancer patients and their families. It can take $4000 to grant one wish for a small family of 4, let's grant 12!!
We raised an incredible $30,000 at our first event, here is what we we were able to do with your donations:
  • Susan and her family of 8 were able to have one last family vacation in Hawaii
  • Heather and her family of 6 were able to see Mickey Mouse at Disney World
  • Sharon's wish was for her family of 4 to go to Hawaii
  • Together with Brides Against Breast Cancer and The Making Memories Foundation, we granted Lisa's last wish of having her dream wedding in Port Orchard
  • We sent Susan and her son to Key West for one final good-bye.
Please join us to toast to this wonderful cause that celebrates life and love and the fabulous spirit of giving! It’s an evening not to be missed, where the most stylish way to give is to get!

Buy tickets for the fabulous event by clicking here

And if you need a little more urging:

The best part is, this event is run completely by volunteers! Don't these two groups of people give you hope for mankind?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Oh My!

Today Roomate and I went to the thrift store to get this entertainment center I found on Thursday:
 My phone's camera doesn't do it justice. When I first saw it, I was IN LOVE. I figured I should paint it black and change the hardware. The only problem? Today it was gone! I was very depressed I missed out on such a cute piece of furniture Roomate and I could turn "glam." What did I learn? If I love something that's only $30, don't wait to see if Roomate likes it, buy it anyway and I can resell it if she hates it.

We headed to another thrift store  across the street but I didn't expect much. Boy, was I wrong! First I found this mirror I figured I'd paint black and put above my bed.
One look at Roomate's face told me she wanted it too so I let her get it for her room. I don't know if my overactive imagination would let me hang a heavy mirror above the place where I sleep every night anyway.

I turned around and found this other cute mirror:
I immediately thought Paint it black and it will go perfectly over the couch. I just love the curves on this. It's very girly. Originally we wanted some kind of artwork over the couch but it's hard to find one that we like that hangs horizontally and is big enough. This mirror is perfect. Or, it will be.

We found a few other small items, a Paris themed candle holder, some silver coasters and as we were checking out, a burgundy table cloth that'll get the dining room a little texture.

The coasters....not the best picture

The candle holder on our new tablecloth :)

We needed to pick up black paint and Big Lots is next door so naturally we stopped in. Roomate found this clock she's been coveting for awhile so  of course I said I didn't care if she bought it for the dining room. It says something in French so it also matched the city-themed dining/kitchen.

We've been looking for a burgundy throw for the back of the couch. We didn't find a burgundy one, but we did find a faux mink one for my chair.
The throw is soooo soft!

So we didn't get the entertainment center, but we ended up with quite a few different details for our main rooms which makes me feel like the rooms are finally coming together so I'm not as depressed :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

A-thrifting We Will Go!

I went thrifting for today. My intent was to find a mirror to go over the entry way door. The first store was VERY dissapointing! Everything was way too over priced. After two more stops, I managed to get a few things: a pan, this awesome little hand painted pot

and then I found it! This mirror for our entry:

 The mirror itself is a little flawed, but flawed is beautiful, right? Can't wait to paint it black this weekend.

I also found the awesomest entertainment center. Roomate's going to go back tomorrow to make sure she likes it. I have a feeling she coming soon :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a Plan!

I found this a few weeks ago on
I absolutely loooooove it and luckily, Roomate does too. Well, she likes it anyway. This picture inspired us to decorate the dining room/kitchen in a vintage city theme. This picture will go on the dining room wall along with a cute french sign maybe, (I've been looking every where and haven't found one I like.) The kitchen will be vintage New York and Vintage Seattle, naturally. I really need a vintage Seattle picture that hangs vertically to cover our circut breaker box. So far - no luck.
I'm peeping this old street sign on ebay that reads "Washington" for our Seattle Wall. I'll let you know if I get it

Meet Teddy

This is Teddy, my three year old Yorkie:
Since I don't have any kids, he's pretty much it. He's spoiled rotten but still well behaved so I online shop for him all the time and I think he needs this:
or maybe even this:

See, the joy of having a dog instead of a child is that he won't complain. Although he doesn't actually like anything on his head and I'm not mean enough to make him wear the hood :)

Monday, September 14, 2009


The lovely Peanut Petunia sent me an HGTV email she had received. And now I have some inspration for my bedroom
I love the richness of this room. And I did say I wanted a chandelier! When I was a little girl I so badly wanted a bed with a canopy, maybe now I could have the big girl version :)
Roomate seems to have fallen in love with this room, which goes very well with the Zen feeling she wants:
And then Peanut Petunia sent us a link to this ottoman that's actually kind of cute:
It's from Walmart courtesy of Copy Cat Chic. I'm not usually an animal print person, but it's actually kind of cute and fits in with our Glamour theme and definitely has that vintage feel. Too bad our apartment's not bigger becauseI still looooove the black ottoman from Target I posted about a week ago.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lifestyles of the Undecided and Lazy

My bedroom It's true. When I was younger, my bedroom would have been the first room to be fully decorated but I've been focusing on the downstairs more at this apartment. I want something really girly because this is probably my last chance to have a really girly room before I get married. (No, Boyfriend and I are not even close to getting married, I just don't change my room/bedding much.) I've always wanted a room with a picture of Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. I've wanted it pink and.....and....and what?

I have no vision when I reach my bedroom. I did get a picture of Lucy and Desi but after reading her book, the picture makes me sad, like maybe he's looking past her to some other woman. Since we're doing so much Marilyn downstairs, I think I'll skip the Marilyn in my room and just do Audrey Hepburn. But I feel like Audrey's so typical. How many people do you know with an Audry Hepburn picture? My guess is lots. The lack of storage has actually forced me to spray paint a bookshelf and put it in my room taking up some of the wall space I intended for pictures.

Lately, when I think of my room, I think of tan/brown microsuede. Microsuede?! Not what I imagined for my room and definitely not something I'd want for my room, but that's what comes to mind. I still want my room girly, but serene. I want to walk into it and go "Aaaahhhh" as I plop unto the bed so I guess my first purchase needs to be a duvet cover.
(Excuse the mess, I had just come back from Orcas Island)
 I also think I want a chandelier for my room. I mean, why not? How many people do you know with a chandelier in their room? I don't know very many. My only fear is my overactive imagination will get the best of me and I'll have issues with something hanging over me at night.
If I did a chandelier, I'm debating about if I want a silver one or a black one. My furniture is black, or it will be,  but I feel like a black chandelier makes it more goth which isn't really the look I'm going for.
So my to-do list includes two things right now: Figure out what color duvet I want and figure out the lighting situation because the paper lantern I have in the interim is not cutting it.

Should I Have Prepared a Speech?!?

 Peanut Petunia gave me my first blog award and I'm so honored! I never really expected people to follow my blog, I mostly thought it would be fun to look back years from now and see what my apartment was like, etc.

 This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. deliver this award to six bloggers who must choose six more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award. I will pass this award to some of my bloggy friends that I find exceedingly charming…

Now to bestow it upon 6 others.... 


Friday, September 4, 2009

The Retail Gods are Telling Me Something....

For various reasons, this week has been extremely stressful. So yesterday I decided to indulge in a little retail therapy. So off I went to Target on my way home where I decided to get these fabulous ruffled pillows for my couch. Problem is....they didn't have them. Okay, I'll look for a shelf for the bathroom. Didn't have any that would work. I decided to look for a chenille throw for the top of our couch. WRONG! Target didn't have a burgundy one either. Okay, so I decided to quit relying on buying something to make me feel better and head to check out (I did buy a movie- but that doesn't count. It wasn't something I wanted to buy,) when I noticed candles.

Roomate loves candles. I decided I could get a burgundy candle when I turned and saw candlesticks! Candlesticks can be glamorous. Originally I was going to buy one just n case Roomate doesn't like my vision  when I decided they only had two that match so I can return two if need be. That meant I needed to get another candle, I turned to grab another candle and BOOM the first one fell out of my hand and hit the floor denting itself. Well, I can't have a dented candle can I?! No. So then I debated back and forth about whether I could deal with having two candles that smell differently because Target only had two Apple Spice candles and I had dented one (sorry to whoever gets their hopes up when they find it on the shelf.) I decided Apple Spice and Currant something are complementary smells when I remembered my poor little dog with a full bladder at home and I still needed to pick up wheat I originally came for  - a curing iron. I decided to put the candles and candlesticks back and indulge in some other way later (Jelly Belly fruit snacks.)

The worst part is, I thought I could find the pillows online and order them that way but as I was writing this post, I can't find the pillows we originally wanted but am thinking about picking these up instead:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two fer

It's amazing what a tiny bit of decorating can do.Roomate and I recently hung some pictures and moved a lamp onto our gargantuan entertainment center and already the apartment is starting to feel more like home. And we solved the issue with having no lighting in the entry way.

The best part is, we spent $26 on the frames from IKEA and printed the pictures ourselves! 

We also bought this lamp and (faux) silk shade at Target which goes pretty well with the lamp in the Marilyn alcove.
It's very obviously too short so Roomate's genius idea was to put it on books from our coffee table!

On another note, I'd really like to do something with our back deck. Roomate spends quite a bit of time out there so I'd like to make it comfy for her. I really want these adirondack chairs my mom has but THAT'S not happenin' so these'll do for now:

We could always do the classy thing and paint them black like these people Boyfriend and I saw camping over the weekend!  (No joke. The Paint was even peeling.)

The rug we put out there to air out because it smelled like curry when I bought it.....but now we kinda like it out there :)


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